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An Evening With Local Artist - Christina James

Christina James is a local artist raised in Tsawwassen, a graduate of Emily Carr’s bachelor or Fine Arts. Predominantly she works in pencil, pencil crayons, and digital mediums. She has a lifelong fascination with the cosmos, space, and nature. Christina has spent many years studying realism and observation. As a practicing artist, her enthusiasm is driven to capture the visual essence of nature, time, and the attributes of being human. Although she has pursued art academically, she has always been drawn to visually expressing the wonder of the world around her. Whether it be an observable object such as the human body, or the fantasy of her imagination; It is her eye for every detail that pulls the viewer into her work. Forcing you to stop and consider every last stroke. As she continues her practice, she wishes to pursue a representation of the real and the fantastic.

More of her work can be located on her website and her instagram @cmjms.