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Sail With Kings - The Drive Coffee Bar - October 28th

Sail With Kings brings a true "west-coast" experience to your front doorstep (or wherever you may need them to play!). With the beautiful talent of Christina's violin and piano playing, to the stomping fast paced guitar of T.O., to Ty's fast banjo pickin' power, the three will have you up on your feet dancing the night away. Look to be involved, to be made to feel good and connected, it truly is feel-good music for ANY occasion.  Sail With Kings consists of three members, T.O., Ty King, and Christina Cuglietta; all locals to the city of Vancouver, BC. Being friends before band mates, these three have grown stronger and stronger together, musically, each and every day. With the aim to get the audience involved and attached to their sea shanty story tellin' music, Sail With Kings displays passion and true emotion through every strum, stomp, and scream. We play from the heart, and we sing from the soul.