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November's Artist is Mehdi Ammani. Join us 6:00-10:00 Nov 16th

Mehdi Ammani is a self taught Moroccan Artist who has love and passion for his mother land. He was born in 1974 in a small village called Arfoud in the desert, where he learned to love colors, people and the architecture. He spent time connecting with the nature around him and creating beauty and inspiration out of the silence in surrounding the deserts. He fell in love with recreating the splendour around him, from village scenes to people’s faces. He moved to Mekness in the centre of Morocco to study Law in University but was quickly drawn back to his first love of painting. He works hard to develop paintings that speak both to him and to his audience about beauty that exists in everyday life. He has traveled to the furthest regions of his country to gain skills and to develop his views on colors and movement which he brings to the lovers of art through his paintings. He travelled to Africa to gain life experiences through learning about people, nature and animals. He worked with African kids for two years which was life altering and helped him see the levels of beauty in the world around us. Mehdi reads and researches as much as he can about a subject before he begins to paint as to make each piece unique and true. In 2009 he went back to Morocco to live and work in Essaouira (South west Morocco) and to gain inspiration from the culture and people of the area. In 2010 he came to Canada where he has continues to learn about a different culture and to gain more understanding of world beauty.

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