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Meet the Artist - Kats Klein - February 9th at 7:00PM - The Drive Coffee Bar

The Drive Coffee Bar is thrilled to have the art of Kats Klein on the walls of the coffee bar for the month of February!

Come by on the 9th and meet Kats and learn what inspires her.


Kats began exploring a unique capture of her world at an early age. Spurred on by the gift of a Kodak 126 Instamatic camera from a blind family friend and the instructions "explore your vision of the world in your own way", she pushed the limits of tools and subjects at her disposal. She excelled in many visual arts pursuits and projects throughout high school in North Vancouver. It was a natural transition to study media and communications at Capilano College, accepted to the program as the youngest ever candidate. After graduating, Kats began a career that included technical, commercial, and artistic elements of the photographic arts industry. She would return to Capilano to continue her education and growth as an artist and gained insights from resident artists such as George Rammell and Marcus Bowcott. Kats has travelled the world intent on experiencing gallery and studio work with inspiration drawn from I. Cunningham, Klimt, Pollack, Close, and Uchoa. After 40 years of capturing, collecting, and interpreting visuals Kats has arrived at an emotionally connected vision of her world and a catalogue of work to share.