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Vancouver Non Partisan Association (NPA) - Coffee with Caucus.

We are happy to be supporting our fundamental freedom to vote!  

This is a quick note from the NPA - Vancouver Non Partisan Association...

"Our 2018 “Coffee with Caucus” series kicks off next Saturday morning, March 3rd at The Drive Coffee Bar, 1670 Commercial Drive. We’ll be there from 10:30 AM to Noon. Please stop by. All questions, suggestions and comments are welcome. Building the new NPA begins with you!"

The Drive Coffee Bar is happy to have the Vancouver Non Partisan Association (NPA) at the coffee bar on Saturday, March 3rd. 

We are hoping that the residents of East Van / Commercial Drive come out and ask frank questions about the issues that matter to us. What do we want out of our Municipal Government. 

The only way to make your city council - present or future - accountable to us, is by letting them know what is important to us! 

We dont care what political view you have or don’t have.  Come out and have your voices heard. 

The Drive Coffee Bar’s owners and staff do not propose to support or have any affiliation to the NPA or ANY political organization or party. 

What we do have is the privilege of offering East Van voters a safe place to allow parties to come in and connect with the voters in a positive and hopefully constructive manner.  

Be informed. Come out and ask questions. This is what democracy is about. You want a say in your government. You want your government to work for you! 

The Drive Coffee Bar opens its doors to the other three local parties if they so choose;  The Vision Team, COPE: The Coalition of Progressiv Electors, and The Green Party of Vancouve to use the coffee bar - on different weekends of course - we don’t need riots on The Drive 😀 - for a similar forum if they so choose. 

Come on out East Van - lets make our voices heard.