Looking for a Great Decaf in East Vancouver - Try The Drive Coffee Bar

It's tougher than you think to find a really drinkable Decaf Coffee. Maybe it's just the coffee snob in most of us that just figure decaf can't be tasting good, or maybe it's that most of the decafs are just lacking in taste and flavour complexity.

Luckily for us ( and lucky for you ), we have an solution for you. 
Our Woodland Medium Roast Swiss Water Decaf is going to be the perfect choice for you.
Our Organic blend of Mountain Water Processed Central American and Swiss Water Processed South American beans will rock your world. All the coffee flavors you can handle without the caffeine. Medium / dark roast, full bodied, with hints of European dark chocolate a clean finish. It's just a fabulous option for those who want the full taste of coffee without the caffeine 

The Woodland is available at the coffee bar as well as online at Amazon.ca , in store and online at London Drugs and in store in these fine retailers and others; Value Drug Mart Choices Markets Donald's Market Famous Foods Green Olive Market and Café La Grotta Del Formaggio Stong's Market Nesters Market and others. 
Give us a try - we know that you will not be disappointed...
We are locally owed and operated independent East Vancouver coffee company and we proudly offer this decaf with Organic Coffee Beans.

Commercial Drive Coffee The Woodland Decaf

Tuesday Night is Music Night - Every Tuesday - On The Drive - The Drive Coffee Bar

The Drive Coffee Bar and the Commercial Drive Coffee Company has been supporting local artists since the day we opened our doors.

We have gone back to support an Open Mic Nights on Tuesdays Nights at the coffee bar!

Come by to listen to local talents OR if you are one yourself, please sign up by sending a quick note to events@thedrivecoffeebar or just show up a the event. Whether you sing, recite poetry, tell jokes, read passages, or whatever… We would love to have you at the coffee bar!

We will have drink specials at each event and they are typically $4.00!! Yes - we have drinks - wine, beer on tap, and an assortment of spirits - obviously we have coffee and we can pair that wonderful coffee with a spirit of your choice.

See you at 7pm at 1670 Commercial Drive in the ❤️ of East Vancouver’s Little Italy. 

I an addition to supporting local talent with an Open Mic Night, our walls are adorned each month with a new local artists’ work. Paintings or pictures. We do this for free. We take no proceeds from the sale of anything.

Story Story Lie Game Show on Wednesday nights. Jo Dworschak is awesome. Reach out if you think you can tell a tale or two...

We have live music on weekends.

We have also supported book launches and poetry readings.

Reach out to us. We are ALL about community, with a strong bias toward East Vancouver 😀

We only serve our Italian styled organic coffee at The Drive Coffee Bar and we are very fortunate to be serving La Grotta wraps and sandwiches as well as great selection of Cartems Donuts - Some Gluten Free - ALL Vegan!!

You can even buy our coffee beans at the coffee bar - the same espresso beans that we use on our espresso machine!

We are at 1670 Commercial Drive in the heart of East Vancouver's Little Italy.

Proudly serving Commercial Drive Coffee Company’s Organic Espresso Beans! 

Open Mic Night on The Drive

Baby, It's Cold Outside... Come Warm Up With Us - The Drive Coffee Bar

Well, it's getting to be that time of year. Leaves are almost fallen from the trees and we wake up to frosty sidewalks and frosted windows.

As nice as it is at times to be a home and making fresh batch of Commercial Drive Organic Coffee, it can be equally as enjoyable to get out of the house and head down to The Drive and have one our lovely baristas make you an organic Italian style espresso or latte and maybe grab a La Grotta wrap or sandwich or maybe treat yourself to a wonderful Vegan Cartems Donut!

Whatever your fancy, let us try and make your day that much more special and head down to our community coffee bar and enjoy all that East Vancouver and Little Italy has to offer.

On your way out, grab a couple bags of our locally roasted organic coffees to take home to make. You can buy our whole coffee beans, have them ground for you at the shop or buy a preground offering.

Join us... Two blocks down from Starbucks and across thes street for Tim Hortons... We are at 1670 Commercial Drive. Looking forward to seeing you.

We are a locally owned and operated independent coffee bar and we proudly serve Commercial Drive Coffee Company Coffee exclusively.

Join us EVERY Wednesday Night for Weekly Stories on The Drive

We just love having Jo at our coffee bar on The Drive. We have always done our best to support local artists at the coffee bar.

We only serve Commercial Drive Coffee Company, Italian styled Organic Espresso Coffee at the bar. You can also enjoy our always vegan Cartems Donuts and our offerings of sandwiches and treats from La Grotta Del Formaggio. We also offer local beers on tap and our exclusive wines and some pretty awesome spirits!

We are in the heart of East Vancouver's Little Italy! 1670 Commercial Drive. Just 2 blocks down the street from Starbucks.

Weekly Stories on The DRive

Commercial Drive Coffee - The Perfect Small Batch Organic Coffee!

We only use Commercial Drive Coffee at The Drive Coffee Bar! We would LOVE you to try our locally roasted Italian Style Organic Coffee. Come down to The Drive - in the heart of East Vancouver's Little Italy - and try our organic espresso or organic drip coffees in the bar, or buy our coffee beans to take home with you. We know you will love our organic espresso coffee beans and we are sure you will also enjoy our La Grotta sandwiches and treats as well as our selection of ALL Vegan and some Gluten Free Cartems Donuts... 1670 Commercial Drive.

Facebook Contest!! The Drive Coffee Bar is 3 Years Old!!

*** Facebook Contest *** The Drive Coffee Bar is turing 3 Years Old - this Friday, May 4th, 2018!! We have a Contest for you to help us celebrate the 3rd Anniversay of The Drive Coffee Bar! 
There will be drink specials. coffee specials and give-aways all day Friday at the coffee bar at 1670 Commercial Drive.

We are also having the following contest!! 12 Lucky Winners!!! We have a 1st Prize that includes:

1 Night Stay at Times Square Suites Hotel Vancouver, a $50 Gift Certificate to The Drive Coffee Bar, and a T-shirt and 2LB bag of Commercial Drive Coffee Company coffee!! Approx: $300 Value!

2nd Prize includes:

A $50 Gift Certificate from The Drive Coffee Bar and a Commercial Drive Coffee Company Drive Coffee Bar T-shirt and a 300 gram bag of Commercial Drive Coffee! Approx $80 Value!

There are 10 3rd Prizes as well and they include:

A $5.00 Gift Certificates from The Drive Coffee Bar and a 300g bag of Commercial Drive Coffee Company. Aprrox $20 Value!

Super easy to enter. 2 basic things to do to have your chance at a prize worth almost $20!

Contest starts at 12:00 Noon on Saturday, April 28th and ends at 12:00 AM (Midnight) on Satuday, May 5th.

Good Luck and Thank You for 3 GREAT years!


Storing Your Coffee After Purchase...

After you have visited The Drive Coffee Bar at 1670 Commercial Drive and had an awesome Commercial Drive Organic coffee and then decided to buy a bag or two of our special blends; now what?  How do you make sure your coffee stays as fresh as possible?

Some quick tips:

- Buy Whole Bean coffee and don't grind until ready to use.  Whole beans retain freshness longer that pre-ground.

- DO NOT keep your coffee in the fridge or freezer! 

- Keep beans in dry space.  Avoid moisture and temperature fluctuations.

- Store in a cool and dark space - not near heat and not too cold where beans will condense when brought out.

- Store in a air tight and opaque container.

Simple little tricks to make sure your beans taste as good at home as they do in the coffee bar...

Pictured Below are our whole coffee bean offerings available at the coffee bar at 1670 Commercial Drive in the heart of East Vancouver’s Little Italy.

cdcc family beans eamon_clipped_rev_2 - Copy.png

Matcha Madness - Give It A Try!

You never had a matcha latte?! Why?!

Come by the coffee bar and give it a try.  You will love these.

Matcha is s finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tree leaves.  It is special in two aspects of farming and processing: the green tea plants for matcha are shade-grown for about three weeks before harvest and the stems and veins are removed in processing. The powdered form of matcha is consumed differently from tea leaves or tea bags, and is dissolved in a liquid, typically water or milk.  We can also miz with Almond Milk or Coconut Milk for those Vegan friends out there.  Come by the bar - 1670 Commercial Drive and give this a try.

Matcha Latte.jpg