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We are so proud that we are a part of trying to Save The Rio!! We are offering 16 perks here - they are only $25 and they get you a $10 GC to The Drive Coffee Bar at 1670 Commercial Drive and a bag of our awesome coffee!! #eastvan #commercialdrive #savetherio

Help support local East Van businesses.  The Rio is an East Van Landmark and a great local business that supports cool art and local artists.

Please help out where you can...

Caffe Corretto - The Drive Coffee Bar - Little Italy - East Vancouver

Ever had a caffe corretto?  Ever heard one being ordered and wondered what was being ordered? 

A caffe corretto is a shot of espresso with a shot of liquor typically to the side.  The liquor is generally a grappa, but it could be a sambuca or a brandy or really whatever you want.

The translation means "corrected coffee".  You "correct" it with a little shot of something nice...

Come by the coffee bar - 1670 Commercial Drive - try one out.  Hard to go back once you've had one...


Why go for an espresso over a regular coffee?

There are probably numerous other reasons to have an espresso over a standard cup of coffee but I like to focus on what I think really matter: Flavour, Feel (Body) , and Smell (Aroma).

The Flavour of espresso is exemplified because of heat and pressure. Pulling an espresso adds so much more flavour as the temperature and pressure applied via espresso machines work fast to extract the beauty of the coffee beans and typically leave the bitter or acidic tendencies behind.  That is much more difficult to do with drip as the steeping pulls more of those characteristics out of the beans.

The feel (body) of espresso is very pleasant.  Leaving more of the oils in the brew, the espresso is much more complex than that of a  drip coffee which leaves much of the complexity in the filter. 

Finally the smell (aroma) of espresso is heavenly.  Much can be attributed to the same reasons as the feel (body) notes above.

Although it is an acquired taste, once you get used to drinking good espresso, it will be very difficult to go back to a steeped coffee.  If you are scared that it might be too strong, try starting with an Americano - its espresso based with hot water addded - almost like a drip but with all the good of an espresso...


Come by The Drive Coffee Bar - 1670 Commercial Drive and give it a try!



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Want to try Amaro? Come By The Drive Coffee Bar in East Vancouver's Little Italy!

Amaro is a liqueur made by infusing a base spirit with myriad botanicals like fruits, roots, barks and herbs, amari (plural for amaro) can have a depth of bittersweet flavor unlike any other spirit. Traditionally, amari are served neat or over ice, but there are plenty of creative ways to enjoy them. For a simple afternoon cocktail, amaro with tonic is a refreshingly solid recommendation for someone who loves gin and tonics but wants to try something new. Amaro also pairs well with coke or ginger ale for a palate that craves something on the sweeter side. Many Europeans drink amaro with orange juice, but it also blends well in coffee and espresso drinks. To complete a meal, served at room temperature as a digestive.Amari are versatile, making them fun and easy to experiment with.

Come join us The Drive Coffee Bar and give our Amaro a try.  We carry a few varieties, but my personal favourite is the Amaro Nonino Quintessa.   Amaro Nonino Quintessentia is an digestif amaro made in Fruili, in northern Italy. It is grappa based, and infused with a blend of many herbs, spices and roots, including gentian, saffron, licorice, rhubarb, sweet and bitter orange, tamarind, quassia bark, chinchona bark, and galenga, among other things. It is a light reddish brown color and 70 proof.Nonino is a bit less sweet, less bitter, and lighter in texture than other amari. It is aged for five years in oak barrels.

So good!  We are 1670 Commercial Drive in the Heart of East Vancouver's Little Italy.


Why Espresso? It's the Only Way to Truly Have a Great Cup of Coffee!

Why Espresso?  Why not just the "normal" way of brewing coffee?

The simplest way to answer, the espresso coffee brewing method extracts the best without the worst of coffee's taste components - that's it...

The high pressure and optimal heat bring out all of the flavours and aromas while leaving most of tannic acids and even much of the caffeine behind...  It's really that simple.  

Once you begin to appreciate espresso ( usually after 3 - 5 tries ), you will find it quite challenging to go back. 

Come by the coffee bar and give it a try.  We serve Commercial Drive Coffee at the coffee bar and our Drive Espresso is always ready to be pulled to make you the perfect espresso.

We look forward to seeing you.

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Cartem's, La Grotta Del Formaggio and Half Baked Cookie Co. - All at The Drive Coffee Bar!

Come by and join us for a Commercial Drive Coffee and a sweet or treat from 3 of our favourite vendors...  Cartem's make us awesome donuts -- ours are vegan!  Half Baked Cookie makes us some killer cookies and La Grotta Del Formaggio our loaves and muffins!  Come by and try them out!  1670 Commercial Drive in the Heart of Little Italy in East Vancouver!