New Partnership --- Givopoly and The Commercial Drive Coffee Company

The Commercial Drive Coffee Company has partnered with Givopoly to allow Vancouverites the ability to have our coffees delivered to their friends and loved ones as a thoughtful gift.  

We have two great offerings on Givopoly that satisfy two popular gift price points,

These offerings are available online via Givopoly and live in the coffee bar at 1670 Commercial Drive.

Givopoly was founded in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 2012 as a convenient way for thoughtful people and organizations to send gifts while supporting local entrepreneurs. Founders Susan Richards and Craig Hung have a vision to be the number one gifting service in Canada and then beyond, but the real passion lies in how they plan to do it. Givopoly is inspired by the belief that when small business entrepreneurs collaborate they can generate extraordinary success.  Healthy communities have a strong local economy and small business provide the economic foundation for this well-being. 

Over the past 4 years, Givopoly has partnered with hundreds of Canadian entrepreneurs to deliver a tremendous assortment of local gift ideas throughout Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver. The service has been so well received that further national expansion is underway.

Vancouver's coffee of choice! The Commercial Drive Coffee Company is all about bringing the flavours and feel of Europe to morning, midday, and evening coffee. Locally roasted to their taste, Commercial Drive Coffee Co. is all about bringing coffee, culture and people together. Their selected gourmet coffee beans are locally roasted, Fair Trade, carbon neutral and USDA Organic.