Meet Lucille - One Of Our Original Baristas

Lucille is one of the original team members at The Drive Coffee Bar. She is full of life, super engaging, and definitely a customer favourite.

Fun Facts:

Born in Japan – Raised in Vancouver - Now Living in East Van

Graduated Form Britannia High School - Grad 2014

Favourite Drink - Matcha Tea

Favourite Colour – Pink

Favourite Cartoons  – Power Puff Girls, Sailer Moon, Pooh Bear and Looney Tunes

Favourite Reading – Love Stories

Favourite Spare Time Actiivity – Painting

Favourite Foods – Pasta and Sushi

Loves working at bar because she loves her customers, her coworkers and the vibe of the coffee bar.

Come by the bar at 1670 Commercial Drive and say hi to Lucille.