Intoducing, Our Head Barista - Carly

Carly has been with The Drive Coffee Bar since inception and has been an integral part of the team.  She is our head barista and barista trainer.

Born and raised in East Vancouver.

She is a graduate of Vancouver Technical School and is presently enrolled in The Beedie School of Business at SFU.

Favourite food: Tuna Tetaki or Panang Curry, or Pad See Ew or Alfredo pasta

Biggest pet peeve: Indecisiveness

What drink do you order at a bar?

Double Gin and Soda 2 limes short. 

Favourite compliment to receive: Smart or generous.

Favourite music: deep house for studying and driving, 60s and 70's folk like bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, The Byrds, Peter Paul and Mary for comfort, classic rock for easy listening, hip-hop/rap/pop for partying

Dream car: 1969 Chevelle SS

Dream Job: If I had any artistic talent I'd be a tattoo artist. 

Best advice you've been given: everyone is their own main character in their own heads so it's important to say exactly what you mean to say to people because they aren't going to spend as much time trying to pick up on nuances as you did creating them

Carly loves working at the coffee bar because she loves her regulars, she's obsessed with her coworkers and she genuinely enjoys trying to make the best drink for each customer who walks through the door.