Tuesday Night is Music Night - Every Tuesday - On The Drive - The Drive Coffee Bar

The Drive Coffee Bar and the Commercial Drive Coffee Company has been supporting local artists since the day we opened our doors.

We have gone back to support an Open Mic Nights on Tuesdays Nights at the coffee bar!

Come by to listen to local talents OR if you are one yourself, please sign up by sending a quick note to events@thedrivecoffeebar or just show up a the event. Whether you sing, recite poetry, tell jokes, read passages, or whatever… We would love to have you at the coffee bar!

We will have drink specials at each event and they are typically $4.00!! Yes - we have drinks - wine, beer on tap, and an assortment of spirits - obviously we have coffee and we can pair that wonderful coffee with a spirit of your choice.

See you at 7pm at 1670 Commercial Drive in the ❤️ of East Vancouver’s Little Italy. 

I an addition to supporting local talent with an Open Mic Night, our walls are adorned each month with a new local artists’ work. Paintings or pictures. We do this for free. We take no proceeds from the sale of anything.

Story Story Lie Game Show on Wednesday nights. Jo Dworschak is awesome. Reach out if you think you can tell a tale or two...

We have live music on weekends.

We have also supported book launches and poetry readings.

Reach out to us. We are ALL about community, with a strong bias toward East Vancouver 😀

We only serve our Italian styled organic coffee at The Drive Coffee Bar and we are very fortunate to be serving La Grotta wraps and sandwiches as well as great selection of Cartems Donuts - Some Gluten Free - ALL Vegan!!

You can even buy our coffee beans at the coffee bar - the same espresso beans that we use on our espresso machine!

We are at 1670 Commercial Drive in the heart of East Vancouver's Little Italy.

Proudly serving Commercial Drive Coffee Company’s Organic Espresso Beans! 

Open Mic Night on The Drive