Caffe Corretto - The Drive Coffee Bar - Little Italy - East Vancouver

Ever had a caffe corretto?  Ever heard one being ordered and wondered what was being ordered? 

A caffe corretto is a shot of espresso with a shot of liquor typically to the side.  The liquor is generally a grappa, but it could be a sambuca or a brandy or really whatever you want. This is very much a way that the Italians and Europeans would have their coffees. Coffee Italian Style!

The translation means "corrected coffee".  You "correct" it with a little shot of something nice...

Our caffe corretto will be made from our locally roasted organic espresso beans from our parent company - The Commercial Drive Coffee Company.

Come by the coffee bar - 1670 Commercial Drive - try one out.  We are on The Drive - in the heart of East Vancouver’s Little Italy!

You can’t get one of these at the Starbucks or Tim Hortons on The Drive. Hard to go back once you've had one...