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Matcha Madness - Give It A Try!

You never had a matcha latte?! Why?!

Come by the coffee bar and give it a try.  You will love these.

Matcha is s finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tree leaves.  It is special in two aspects of farming and processing: the green tea plants for matcha are shade-grown for about three weeks before harvest and the stems and veins are removed in processing. The powdered form of matcha is consumed differently from tea leaves or tea bags, and is dissolved in a liquid, typically water or milk.  We can also miz with Almond Milk or Coconut Milk for those Vegan friends out there.  Come by the bar - 1670 Commercial Drive and give this a try.

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Your're Vegan? We got you covered! Cartems and The Drive Coffee Bar!

A Cartems Donut is the best way to reward yourself for getting through the week! We have Orange Guava (GF/V), Salted Caramel (GF/V), Earl Grey (V) and Vanilla Bean (V). Treat yourself!
All we offer is Vegan from Cartems...  Come by the coffee bar - 1670 Commercial Drive and give these crazy good donuts a try!

Our selection of Cartems is ALWAYS Vegan and mostly Gluten Free. Pair with a Commercial Drive Coffee Company Organic Coffee and let your senses go…

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Why Espresso? It's the Only Way to Truly Have a Great Cup of Coffee!

Why Espresso?  Why not just the "normal" way of brewing coffee?

The simplest way to answer, the espresso coffee brewing method extracts the best without the worst of coffee's taste components - that's it...

The high pressure and optimal heat bring out all of the flavours and aromas while leaving most of tannic acids and even much of the caffeine behind...  It's really that simple.  

Once you begin to appreciate espresso ( usually after 3 - 5 tries ), you will find it quite challenging to go back. 

Come by the coffee bar and give it a try.  We serve Commercial Drive Coffee at the coffee bar and our Drive Espresso is always ready to be pulled to make you the perfect espresso.

We look forward to seeing you.

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Cartem's, La Grotta Del Formaggio and Half Baked Cookie Co. - All at The Drive Coffee Bar!

Come by and join us for a Commercial Drive Coffee and a sweet or treat from 3 of our favourite vendors...  Cartem's make us awesome donuts -- ours are vegan!  Half Baked Cookie makes us some killer cookies and La Grotta Del Formaggio our loaves and muffins!  Come by and try them out!  1670 Commercial Drive in the Heart of Little Italy in East Vancouver!


Coffee Love... The Drive Coffee Bar and The Commercial Drive Coffee Company

Happy Valentines Day...  

Why we started a coffee company...  Why we want you to join us to try our coffee at The Drive Coffee Bar at 1670 Commercial Drive in the Heart of East Vancouver's Little Italy!

We got together in early 2010 and decided that we were not as thrilled with where the coffee scene in Vancouver was headed as many in the city had taken us... It was pretty clear that the over roasted coffee in one famous multi-national was very popular and what was also very clear was that the roasting in Vancouver had headed toward an acidic/citric profile to be different from that big player. We liked neither approach...

We wanted to get back to the feelings and flavours that we all found while touring Europe. Similar flavours that you would have found on The Drive when the 1st European immigrants, mostly Italian, settled in Vancouver's Little Italy in the heart of East Van. We wanted that aroma and flavour that resonated throughout the coffee bars and homes of Europe. That coffee that inspired the discussions for change and betterment of people, that coffee that elicited debates in homes that could be heard down the street, that coffee that brought us together after a wonderful meal. We wanted a coffee that evoked those feelings of warmth or family and tradition.

Give us a try and let us know how we did. We would love to hear from you - good or bad - as we have always been, and will always be about the conversations that coffee inspires...

We are available at fine retailers across British Columbia and we are now available online across Canada on Amazon Canada.


Why Opened The Drive Coffee Bar - 1670 Commercial Drive

The Drive Coffee Bar is a result of us wanting to give back to the community of Commercial Drive. We wanted to have a place where we could obviously sell our coffee, but more importantly, we wanted a place where our neighbors and neighborhood could congregate and discuss the goings on in East Vancouver and beyond. We wanted to provide a safe and fun place for our neighborhood employees to hang out and have their friends hang out. We want to be a central part of The Drive’s community.

Our walls are adorned with the paintings and/or photography of local artists. We change every month. We offer our walls for free - we ask for nothing in return except the pleasure and honor of showcasing these fine young artists work for the patrons of our bar to see and enjoy.

We are open 7 days a week. We can and do offer our place to events at very reasonable rates - musical, poetry, comedy, talks, birthdays, engagement and retirement parties and just good old fashioned social gatherings. We have even had a celebration of life at the coffee bar. The bar is open to the community at large to enjoy and use.

Come by and check us out. We are at 1670 Commercial Drive. We offer Commercial Drive Coffee, La Grotta del Formaggio sandwiches and treats, Cartems Donuts and Half Baked Cookies sweets, East Side Beer Food delights as well as a great selection on Grappa, Amari, Craft Beers on tap, our exclusive wines and many other alcohol refreshments.

Come down and say hello. We would love to have you drop in. We are here to serve the community of East Vancouver and Commercial Drive.

Kenny Vannucci, Domemic Bruzzese and the Owners of The Drive Coffee Bar.

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