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Baby, It's Cold Outside... Come Warm Up With Us - The Drive Coffee Bar

Well, it's getting to be that time of year. Leaves are almost fallen from the trees and we wake up to frosty sidewalks and frosted windows.

As nice as it is at times to be a home and making fresh batch of Commercial Drive Organic Coffee, it can be equally as enjoyable to get out of the house and head down to The Drive and have one our lovely baristas make you an organic Italian style espresso or latte and maybe grab a La Grotta wrap or sandwich or maybe treat yourself to a wonderful Vegan Cartems Donut!

Whatever your fancy, let us try and make your day that much more special and head down to our community coffee bar and enjoy all that East Vancouver and Little Italy has to offer.

On your way out, grab a couple bags of our locally roasted organic coffees to take home to make. You can buy our whole coffee beans, have them ground for you at the shop or buy a preground offering.

Join us... Two blocks down from Starbucks and across thes street for Tim Hortons... We are at 1670 Commercial Drive. Looking forward to seeing you.

We are a locally owned and operated independent coffee bar and we proudly serve Commercial Drive Coffee Company Coffee exclusively.

Why Espresso? It's the Only Way to Truly Have a Great Cup of Coffee!

Why Espresso?  Why not just the "normal" way of brewing coffee?

The simplest way to answer, the espresso coffee brewing method extracts the best without the worst of coffee's taste components - that's it...

The high pressure and optimal heat bring out all of the flavours and aromas while leaving most of tannic acids and even much of the caffeine behind...  It's really that simple.  

Once you begin to appreciate espresso ( usually after 3 - 5 tries ), you will find it quite challenging to go back. 

Come by the coffee bar and give it a try.  We serve Commercial Drive Coffee at the coffee bar and our Drive Espresso is always ready to be pulled to make you the perfect espresso.

We look forward to seeing you.

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Cartem's, La Grotta Del Formaggio and Half Baked Cookie Co. - All at The Drive Coffee Bar!

Come by and join us for a Commercial Drive Coffee and a sweet or treat from 3 of our favourite vendors...  Cartem's make us awesome donuts -- ours are vegan!  Half Baked Cookie makes us some killer cookies and La Grotta Del Formaggio our loaves and muffins!  Come by and try them out!  1670 Commercial Drive in the Heart of Little Italy in East Vancouver!


Welcome the Autumn/Winter Sandwiches at The Drive Coffee Bar

Enjoy our Turkey and Brie sandwich, made on cranberry bread. The weekends will end, but great food keeps on coming all week long!  

We're so lucky to have delicious sandwiches fresh daily from our friends at La Grotta 🍞🥖🧀

Come down to the bar at 1670 Commercial Drive in the Heart of East Vancouver and Vancouver's Little Italy!

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