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Your're Vegan? We got you covered! Cartems and The Drive Coffee Bar!

A Cartems Donut is the best way to reward yourself for getting through the week! We have Orange Guava (GF/V), Salted Caramel (GF/V), Earl Grey (V) and Vanilla Bean (V). Treat yourself!
All we offer is Vegan from Cartems...  Come by the coffee bar - 1670 Commercial Drive and give these crazy good donuts a try!

Our selection of Cartems is ALWAYS Vegan and mostly Gluten Free. Pair with a Commercial Drive Coffee Company Organic Coffee and let your senses go…

Cartems Donuts.jpg

We can do your next special event at The Drive Coffee Bar

Do you have a special event that requires an affordable solution?

We at The Drive Coffee Bar offer a great space that is fully licensed and right on public transit lines in the middle of the City of Vancouver - right in the heart of Little Italy in East Van's Commercial Drive area.

Wanting to celebrate a birthday or retirement (pictured)? Have the desire to start a book club or informal speaking group? Do you need space for a buisness group or a meetup or just small gathering place? Do you want to jam or have a venue to practice your art of poetry or even comedy? Have a study group that needs a place to park?

Let us see if we can help you out...

We have the ability to cater (hot or cold). We have free wifi.
We obviously have great coffee and we have a staff that will do their best to make your event a success.

Come by the bar at 1670 Commercial Drive and ask for Carly or Julia and lets see if they can make your project come to life. 


We would love to be able to help you out.

Vancouver -- Support Your Local Artist -- The Dive Coffee Bar

The Drive Coffee Bar prides itself on being a part of the Commercial Drive - Little Italy community in East Vancouver.

We are more than just a coffee shop.  We are more than just a bar.

We are a small. owner operated, European style coffee bar that serves coffee, beers and wines, liqueurs and light snacks - both sweet and savory.

We are a place where the community can go and hang out and have a good time by themselves or socializing with friends and family.  Talking, texting, surfing. studying or reading. Your choice.  A place were ideas are exchanged and where the dreams of out patrons can start their path(s) to reality.

We also want to be a place where local artists - painters, photographers and musicians can display their art.

We offer our entire bars' walls to one local artist every month.  We do not charge for the honor of displaying their works and we take no proceeds from any of their sales.  The months artist is personally available one Thursday a month to give further insights to the art that they have on our walls.

We have open mic nights every Wednesday for the upcoming artist(s) and we offer our bar to local musicians on Friday and Saturday Nights.  

We make our coffee bar available to meetups, social groups and book clubs on Sunday evening through Tuesday evening, We want the community to be able to hold forums on topics that interest them in a safe and friendly environment.

We are open until 8:00 PM on 3 nights of the week, 10:00 PM on 2 nights of the week and midnight on 2 nights of the week.  Great for the students who need a place to study...

We support local vendors from the immediate neighborhood and Greater Vancouver.

We are on a major bus line and very close to skytrain.

Looking for a cool place to hang out, come by and give us a try,  

1670 Commercial Drive in the heart of East Van.