Save The Rio ( #SaveTheRio ) with Commercial Drive Coffee and The Drive Coffee Bar

We are so proud that we are a part of trying to Save The Rio!! We are offering 16 perks here - they are only $25 and they get you a $10 GC to The Drive Coffee Bar at 1670 Commercial Drive and a bag of our awesome coffee!! #eastvan #commercialdrive #savetherio

Help support local East Van businesses.  The Rio is an East Van Landmark and a great local business that supports cool art and local artists.

Please help out where you can...

Why go for an espresso over a regular coffee?

There are probably numerous other reasons to have an espresso over a standard cup of coffee but I like to focus on what I think really matter: Flavour, Feel (Body) , and Smell (Aroma).

The Flavour of espresso is exemplified because of heat and pressure. Pulling an espresso adds so much more flavour as the temperature and pressure applied via espresso machines work fast to extract the beauty of the coffee beans and typically leave the bitter or acidic tendencies behind.  That is much more difficult to do with drip as the steeping pulls more of those characteristics out of the beans.

The feel (body) of espresso is very pleasant.  Leaving more of the oils in the brew, the espresso is much more complex than that of a  drip coffee which leaves much of the complexity in the filter. 

Finally the smell (aroma) of espresso is heavenly.  Much can be attributed to the same reasons as the feel (body) notes above.

Although it is an acquired taste, once you get used to drinking good espresso, it will be very difficult to go back to a steeped coffee.  If you are scared that it might be too strong, try starting with an Americano - its espresso based with hot water addded - almost like a drip but with all the good of an espresso...


Come by The Drive Coffee Bar - 1670 Commercial Drive and give it a try!



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Coffee Love... The Drive Coffee Bar and The Commercial Drive Coffee Company

Happy Valentines Day...  

Why we started a coffee company...  Why we want you to join us to try our coffee at The Drive Coffee Bar at 1670 Commercial Drive in the Heart of East Vancouver's Little Italy!

We got together in early 2010 and decided that we were not as thrilled with where the coffee scene in Vancouver was headed as many in the city had taken us... It was pretty clear that the over roasted coffee in one famous multi-national was very popular and what was also very clear was that the roasting in Vancouver had headed toward an acidic/citric profile to be different from that big player. We liked neither approach...

We wanted to get back to the feelings and flavours that we all found while touring Europe. Similar flavours that you would have found on The Drive when the 1st European immigrants, mostly Italian, settled in Vancouver's Little Italy in the heart of East Van. We wanted that aroma and flavour that resonated throughout the coffee bars and homes of Europe. That coffee that inspired the discussions for change and betterment of people, that coffee that elicited debates in homes that could be heard down the street, that coffee that brought us together after a wonderful meal. We wanted a coffee that evoked those feelings of warmth or family and tradition.

Give us a try and let us know how we did. We would love to hear from you - good or bad - as we have always been, and will always be about the conversations that coffee inspires...

We are available at fine retailers across British Columbia and we are now available online across Canada on Amazon Canada.


We can do your next special event at The Drive Coffee Bar

Do you have a special event that requires an affordable solution?

We at The Drive Coffee Bar offer a great space that is fully licensed and right on public transit lines in the middle of the City of Vancouver - right in the heart of Little Italy in East Van's Commercial Drive area.

Wanting to celebrate a birthday or retirement (pictured)? Have the desire to start a book club or informal speaking group? Do you need space for a buisness group or a meetup or just small gathering place? Do you want to jam or have a venue to practice your art of poetry or even comedy? Have a study group that needs a place to park?

Let us see if we can help you out...

We have the ability to cater (hot or cold). We have free wifi.
We obviously have great coffee and we have a staff that will do their best to make your event a success.

Come by the bar at 1670 Commercial Drive and ask for Carly or Julia and lets see if they can make your project come to life. 


We would love to be able to help you out.