Delicious Kahlua Coffee Truffles Recipe

Are you a coffee lover looking for a decadent dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you that much-needed caffeine boost? Look no further than these Kahlua Coffee Truffles! Made with instant coffee, Kahlua liqueur, and dark chocolate, these truffles are the perfect treat for any occasion.

Not only are they delicious, but they are also straightforward to make! Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned baker, this recipe is sure to delight. The combination of the rich chocolate and coffee flavors makes for an irresistible treat that would be perfect for any holiday dessert table.

So why not try something new and indulge in these decadent Kahlua Coffee Truffles? With their unique combination of rich coffee flavor and velvety chocolate, these truffles will undoubtedly become a favorite of every chocolate and coffee lover out there. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself and see!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Kahlua Coffee Truffles
Kahlua Coffee Truffles

Indulgent, luscious, and downright scrumptious – these are just a few words to describe the decadent Kahlua Coffee Truffles recipe. It’s perfect for those who desire a rich and flavorful dessert with a hint of coffee that will tantalize their taste buds.

What’s so special about this recipe? The powerful coffee flavor comes from the instant coffee granules that are dissolved in Kahlua liquer. When mixed with heavy cream and semi-sweet chocolate, the combination creates a smooth and velvety mixture that is simply irresistible!

Aside from its delicious flavors, these Kahlua truffles are incredibly easy to make. So whether you’re planning to surprise your friends or treat yourself to a dessert that is sure to satisfy, this recipe is surely worth trying!

Imagine savoring each bite of these chocolate candy-flavored treats – with a hint of Kahlua’s coffee essence in every bite. Whether you’re hosting family gatherings or holiday parties, these truffles will be a spectacular addition to your dessert table. Trust me; your guests would be begging for the recipe!

In conclusion, you’ll love this recipe because it offers an incredibly simple and indulgent way to impress friends and family. The decadent adults-only chocolate candy-flavored truffles offer a caffeine-infused twist, making them perfect for holiday desserts or anytime cravings!

Ingredient List

“A decadent treat perfect for coffee and chocolate lovers alike”

Here are the ingredients you need to make the most delicious Kahlua Coffee Truffles ever:

  • Instant coffee: You will need 1 teaspoon of instant coffee for this recipe.
  • Kahlua: We recommend using 1/2 cup of Kahlua in order to get the best flavor.
  • Butter: 1/2 cup of unsalted butter.
  • Chocolate chips: You will need 14 ounces or about 2 cups of semisweet chocolate chips for the truffle batter.
  • Heavy cream: You’ll need two different amounts. 1 cup of heavy cream for the truffle mixture and another 1/4 cup of heavy cream for the chocolate coating.
  • Cocoa powder: This ingredient is optional but adds a deep, rich flavor to these truffles. You will need about 1/4 cup of cocoa powder.
  • Espresso powder: Adding just a touch of espresso powder really brings out the flavors of both the coffee and chocolate, so be sure to include it in your ingredients list (about 1 teaspoon).
  • Kahlua liqueur and sweetened condensed milk: Both are optional but can be used as additions to enhance the Kahlua flavor. About 2 tablespoons of Kahlua liqueur and 1/4 cup of sweetened condensed milk should do the trick.
  • Bittersweet chocolate: For a beautiful glossy finish on your truffles, we recommend using about four cups (or 24 ounces) of quality bittersweet chocolate.

Make sure to have these ingredients at hand before starting with this incredibly scrumptious recipe.

The Recipe How-To

Now that you have gathered all the ingredients, let’s get to the fun part – making the Kahlua Coffee Truffles. Don’t worry if you’ve never made truffles before, as this recipe is simple and straightforward.

Step 1: Prepare the Chocolate Ganache

Start by preparing the chocolate ganache – a mixture of chopped chocolate and heavy cream. In a medium-sized saucepan, heat 1 cup of heavy cream over medium heat until it comes to a simmer. Add 14 ounces of semisweet chocolate, finely chopped, and whisk until smooth. Mix in 2 tablespoons of Kahlua liqueur and stir until fully combined with the chocolate mixture.

Refrigerate the ganache for at least 2 hours or overnight to harden.

Step 2: Forming Truffles

Once the ganache has hardened, remove it from the refrigerator and use a spoon or melon baller to scoop out small portions (approximately 1-2 teaspoons) of ganache. Roll each portion into a ball using your hands until all of the ganache has been rolled.

Step 3: Prepare for Coating Truffles

To prepare for coating your truffles, place some parchment paper on a baking sheet. For truffle coatings, you can use cocoa powder, chocolate chips, or even Kahlua-toffee bits. If you are using cocoa powder, it is recommended to mix it with instant coffee powder to intensify the coffee flavor.

Step 4: Coating Truffles

Working with a few truffles at a time, gently roll them in your chosen coating until they are fully covered. Place each truffle onto the parchment-lined baking sheet and return them to the fridge for about an hour until they firm up.

Step 5: Final Touches

After your Kahlua Coffee Truffles have firmed up, they’re ready for any final touches! You can drizzle them with melted white or dark chocolate or dust them with extra cocoa powder – anything that suits your preference!

Congratulations – you’ve just made exquisite dessert – Kahlua Coffee Truffles that can impress your friends and family! Experiment with various coatings and decorate them in creative ways to make unique delicacies that everyone will love!

Substitutions and Variations

Kahlua Coffee Truffles Recipe is a versatile recipe that allows for many substitutions and variations. If you want to switch things up or cater to dietary restrictions, here are some ideas:

– Substitute Kahlua with other coffee liqueurs such as Tia Maria, Bailey’s Irish Cream, or Amaretto for an almond twist.

– If you prefer a non-alcoholic version, use a tablespoon of instant coffee powder mixed with 1/4 cup of hot water instead of Kahlua.

– Use different types of chocolate to add depth and complexity to the flavor profile. Try using bittersweet chocolate instead of semisweet or dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

– For a festive touch, roll the truffles in holiday sprinkles or cocoa powder before chilling.

– Add spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, or cloves to the heavy cream mixture while simmering for a spicy kick.

– Swap out the butter for coconut oil or vegan butter to make it dairy-free and vegan.

– To add crunch to your truffles, mix in chopped nuts like hazelnuts, almonds, or walnuts before chilling.

– If you prefer a sweeter flavor, add more sweetened condensed milk or white chocolate chips and reduce the amount of instant coffee.

These are just some suggestions on how you can modify this delicious Kahlua Coffee Truffles recipe to your liking. Feel free to experiment and create your own unique spin to make it perfect for you.

Serving and Pairing

These Kahlua coffee truffles are as versatile as they are decadent. Perfect for any occasion and especially fitting to indulge yourself or others on holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, these truffles are a celebration of rich chocolate and coffee flavors that will satisfy even the most sophisticated palates.

When it comes to serving, the options are endless. Serve them straight out of the fridge or at room temperature, and enjoy the chocolatey goodness as it slowly melts in your mouth. Pair them with a hot cup of coffee or tea to enhance its coffee undertones, or a glass of red wine or Kahlua liqueur for an extra sweet treat.

Feeling creative? Use these truffles to decorate your dessert table or add them to your hot cocoa mix for a rich twist. You can also chop them up and mix them into ice cream, cheesecake fillings, tiramisu or other desserts.

If you’re feeling generous, these Kahlua chocolate truffles make perfect gifts for friends and loved ones. Add them to a gift basket along with some freshly roasted coffee beans, flavored syrups, and a cute mug for an unforgettable package that will impress any coffee lover.

In conclusion, while these Kahlua coffee truffles may seem small in size, they pack a punch of flavor that can only be savored through thoughtfully pairing them with complementary drinks or incorporating them into other desserts. So don’t hesitate to let your imagination run wild and experiment with different combinations — you’ll be surprised at how delightfully versatile these truffles can be!

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

These Kahlua coffee truffles are perfect for making ahead of time, as they can last for up to two weeks if stored properly. To store the truffles, make sure they are kept in an airtight container in the fridge. If you want them to be extra fresh, roll them in cocoa powder just before serving. Additionally, these truffles can also be frozen for up to three months.

When reheating the truffles, it is important not to overheat them as they may melt and lose their shape. Simply place them at room temperature for about 10-15 minutes before serving, or heat them in the microwave on low power for about 5-10 seconds.

These versatile truffles can also be used as toppings for other desserts or melted down to create chocolate sauce, making them an excellent addition to your holiday dessert recipes. So whether you want to enjoy them right away, or save them for later, these Kahlua coffee truffles offer decadent adults chocolate candy flavored with Kahlua hinting at coffee–a match made in heaven!

Tips for Perfect Results

As a barista with years of experience in the coffee industry, I know the importance of perfecting the recipe. Here are some tips that will help you make the best Kahlua Coffee Truffles:

1. Use High-Quality Ingredients

The success of any recipe depends on the quality of ingredients used. Invest in high-quality chocolate chips, butter, and Kahlua for the ultimate flavor experience.

2. Brew Strong Coffee

Use instant coffee of good quality or better to brew a strong cup for added flavor to your truffles. You can also add a teaspoon of espresso powder for an extra kick of coffee.

3. Let The Ganache Set

After mixing the chocolate ganache, give it enough time to set before rolling into balls. Otherwise, it will be too soft to work with and may not hold its shape.

4. Be Careful Not to Overheat the Chocolate

Melting chocolate can be tricky. If you use overheated chocolate, it might result in a grainy texture that could ruin the final product.

Before melting, chop the chocolate evenly and place it in a glass bowl over a pot of hot water or double boiler on low heat. Melt slowly and stir occasionally until smooth.

5. Refrigerate Rolled Truffles Before Coating

Before coating the truffles in cocoa powder, make sure they are firm by refrigerating them for at least 30 minutes or until they’re completely chilled.

6. Don’t Rush The Cooling Process

Allow enough time for chilling so that each layer can set on it’s own and enjoy greater depth of flavor!

7. Use Your Creativity

Make these truffles even more tempting by drizzling dark or white chocolate over them after being covered in cocoa powder or topping them with toasted chopped nuts or sprinkles to decorate.

Did these tips help you? With these tips and variations provided you’ll definitely make delicious Kahlua Coffee Truffles!


Now that we have covered the ingredient list, recipe how-to, serving suggestions, and storing and reheating guidance for these delectable Kahlua coffee truffles, it’s time to address any commonly asked questions (FAQ) related to this recipe. From preparation methods to substitutions, there could be several queries running in your mind. So, let’s dive into the frequently asked questions and clear any doubts you might have before starting with the recipe.

What is Kahlua truffle?

Get ready to indulge in a rich and luxurious chocolate candy that’s strictly for adults! Infused with the delicious flavors of Kahlua and a subtle hint of coffee, this treat is then coated in dark chocolate and topped off with a decadent white chocolate drizzle. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or a delectable addition to your holiday spread, this candy is sure to impress. So, give your taste buds a gourmet experience and savor the flavor of this delectable treat! Mark your calendars for December 10, 2022!

How to dip truffles in chocolate without making a mess?

If you’re a big chocolate fan, then you know how satisfying it is to dip your favorite treats in a good amount of it. To get the best results, I’d recommend using a fork or chocolate dipping tool and completely submerging the ball or treat in the chocolate. Once you’ve pulled it out, gently tap your hand holding the fork to remove any excess chocolate that may be on it. After that, use a toothpick to slide the dipped truffle onto a tray lined with parchment paper. This should give you smooth and even chocolate coating without any mess.

Is there chocolate in Kahlúa?

One can concoct Kahlua using a blend of coffee beans, rum and sugar, resulting in a beverage with a unique coffee flavor. Adding milk to this drink is a common practice, as it balances out the strong notes of alcohol and coffee. People often also choose to include melted chocolate while making Kahlua, which adds to its taste and makes it creamier.

How do you make a truffle Mary Berry?

Alright, we’re going to start by grabbing a big bowl and measuring out the rum, raisins, jam, biscuits, and cake. Once we’ve got all that in there, we’re going to pour in the melted chocolate and mix everything together really well, making sure all the ingredients are evenly coated. We want to make sure everything is fully covered in chocolate for maximum deliciousness.

Now comes the fun part – shaping the mixture into bite-sized truffles! We should end up with around 40 truffle balls, so let’s make them as uniform as possible. Once they’re all shaped, it’s time to give them a little pizzazz by coating them in some chocolate vermicelli strands. Roll each truffle ball around until it’s coated in the strands and looking beautiful.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you’re a coffee and chocolate lover, these Kahlua Coffee Truffles are the perfect match for you. They’re an easy and decadent dessert that will impress your guests or your own taste buds. Making them is a breeze with this recipe, which includes detailed instructions, tips, and recommendations to ensure perfect results every time.

With just a few ingredients like instant coffee, Kahlua, butter, chocolate chips, heavy cream and cocoa powder, you can create a heavenly treat that’s perfect for any special occasion or holiday event. This recipe also offers a great opportunity to experiment with different variations and substitutions to cater to your preferences.

These Kahlua truffles are not only delicious but also super versatile: pair them with your favourite coffee, liqueur or wine for an elevated taste experience. The best part? You can make them ahead of time and store them in the fridge or freezer for quick access whenever you crave something sweet and indulgent.

Overall, these Kahlua Coffee Truffles are the ultimate dessert recipe for all the chocolate lovers out there – it’s guaranteed to satisfy even the toughest sweet tooth. So go ahead and give this recipe a try – you won’t be disappointed!

Kahlua Coffee Truffles Recipe

Kahlua and coffee is used to flavor this ganache to make these decadent chocolate truffles.


  • 3 cups chocolate chips
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 teaspoon instant coffee
  • 1 (14 ounce) can fat-free sweetened condensed milk
  • 1/4 cup Kahlua


  • 1 teaspoon instant coffee
  • 2 teaspoons cocoa
  1. Truffles:
  2. Melt Chocolate, butter, coffee and condensed milk in a microwave oven.
  3. Add Kaluha and stir well combined.
  4. Refrigerate till solid.
  5. Place instant coffee in a zip lock storage bag keeping open, using a rolling pin go over the coffee to make fine pieces. Add cocoa and shake to mix.Set aside.
  6. Cut or scoop enough to form marble sized morsels.
  7. Coat with cocoa mixture.
  8. Serve at room temperature.
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