Decadent Chocolate-Coconut Iced Coffee Recipe

Are you in need of a refreshing and satisfying pick-me-up on a hot day? Look no further than this chocolate-coconut iced coffee recipe! As a barista, I’ve perfected my blend of rich, smooth coffee and indulgent cocoa and coconut flavors. This recipe is perfect for those who enjoy a sweet and creamy taste in their coffee, but don’t want to resort to artificial sweeteners or sugary syrups.

This is not just your average iced coffee recipe. It’s an explosion of flavors that can satisfy any sweet tooth out there! The addition of coconut milk, toasted coconut flakes, and dark chocolate brings a luxurious dimension to the traditional cup of joe. Trust me when I say that this recipe will soon become your favorite beverage for any time of the year.

Not only is it easy to make with simple ingredients you likely have on hand, but it’s also packed with energy to give you the extra boost needed to conquer your day. Whether you’re studying late into the night or wanting to sip something delicious while lounging in the sun, this chocolate-coconut iced coffee will be the perfect addition to your routine.

So why settle for a plain iced coffee when you can elevate it with chocolate and coconut? Keep reading to find out how to make this delightful treat!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Chocolate-Coconut Iced Coffee
Chocolate-Coconut Iced Coffee

Are you a fan of iced coffee or have a sweet tooth for chocolate and coconut? If both apply to you, then you’ll definitely fall in love with this Chocolate-Coconut Iced Coffee Recipe. It’s refreshing, flavorful, and easy to make.

First of all, let’s talk about the flavor profile of this recipe. The combination of coffee, dark chocolate, and coconut creates a perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness. The blend of cocoa powder, syrup, and blended chocolate also adds a layer of richness to it. The toasted coconut on top makes the drink even more indulgent.

This recipe also offers flexibility in terms of ingredients. You can use regular instant coffee or brew your own cold brew depending on your preference. You can also substitute sugar with artificial sweetener for a guilt-free option. Plus, it’s easy to make it dairy-free by using coconut milk or creamer instead of regular milk.

Another reason to love this recipe is that it’s perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up in the morning or a refreshing drink on a hot afternoon, this Chocolate-Coconut Iced Coffee Recipe is the way to go. It’s also a great replacement for expensive store-bought drinks or even those famous coffee chains like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

So go ahead and try this recipe out. It might just become your new favorite coffee drink – the best one among all iced mochas and caramel frappes out there.

Ingredient List

Let’s Gather the Ingredients

To make this Chocolate-Coconut Iced Coffee recipe, you will need a mix of coffee, chocolate, coconut and milk products. Here is what you need to add to your grocery list before making this delicious treat.

Core Ingredients:

  • 4 cups of brewed coffee
  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoons of dark chocolate syrup
  • 2 tablespoons of sweetened coconut cream

Recommended Toppings:

  • Whipped Cream
  • Toasted Coconut Flakes

Optional Additions and Swaps:

  • If you like your coffee sweeter, feel free to add an artificial sweetener or sugar-free vanilla extract.
  • If you prefer a stronger chocolate flavor in your drink, substitute the dark chocolate syrup with white chocolate syrup or blended chocolate chips. You could even choose to add mocha coconut or starbucks coffee creamer in place of the traditional coconut milk.

Overall, these ingredients create a perfect balance of richness, chocolatey taste and refreshing coconut flavor. Adjust the sweetness and toppings accordingly depending on your preference. Once your shopping bags are full, let’s move on to the fun part – making the recipe itself!

The Recipe How-To

The Chocolate-Coconut Iced Coffee Recipe

Here comes the exciting part, making the chocolate-coconut iced coffee. Gather all the ingredients mentioned in the recipe list before starting the process.

Step 1: Brew Coffee

Brew 1 cup of strong coffee with 4 cups of water or use any preferred brewing method such as cold brew, keurig, or dunkin donuts.


If you want your coffee to be less bitter and taste better, add a pinch (~1/4 tsp) of salt and 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder to coffee grounds before Straining/brewing.

Step 2: Add Chocolate Syrup (Blended Chocolate optional)

In a blender, combine 3 tablespoons of chocolate syrup or blend half a chocolate bar until smooth. Add to brewed coffee and mix well.


Feel free to make homemade chocolate syrup, made with sugar-free or artificial sweetener instead.

Step 3: Add Coconut Flavors

Add ¾ cup coconut milk and ¼ cup coconut cream to the coffee mixture alongside 2 tablespoons of shredded toasted coconut for an extra crunch. Mix sincerely until all ingredients are fused.

Step 4: Serve Cold

Pour the coffee mixture over a glass filled with ice and enjoy it chilled!


To make possible variations like mocha or caramel flavor, substitute coconut syrup for caramel or mocha syrup.

Now that you have made the best cup of chocolate-coconut iced coffee, sip it slowly while feeling its rich flavor mixed with the joy of accomplishment!

Substitutions and Variations

Now, let’s talk about some fun substitutions and variations you could try with this recipe.

– Sugar-Free: If you like a sugar-free option, swap out the sweetened chocolate syrup with sugar-free chocolate syrup, and use an artificial sweetener or skip it altogether.

– Vegan: To make this vegan, replace the chocolate syrup with cocoa powder and add more coconut cream or coconut milk to sweeten it up. Swap dairy for plant-based options such as soy milk, almond milk or oat milk.

– Dark Chocolate Coconut Mocha: To achieve a stronger cocoa flavor, use dark chocolate morsels instead of milk chocolate or semi-sweet morsels in this recipe. You can also add a sprinkle of cocoa powder for that bitter-sweet taste.

– Mint Chocolate Coconut Iced Coffee: You can make the addition of 2 teaspoons mint extract to bring in a fresh zing to your drink.

– Toasted Coconut Iced Coffee: Top your glass with a sprinkle of toasted coconut just before serving to add an extra layer of crunchiness to your drink.

– Blended Chocolate Coconut MacaronIced Mocha: Blend in some delicious macarons with blended chocolate coconut and ice together to create this creamy iced coffee drink.

– Caramel-Coconut Frappuccino: Add a splash of caramel syrup along with some espresso to turn this into an indulgent treat that tastes just like a caramel-coconut frappuccino from your local coffee shop.

There’re many possible ways you can explore with ingredients and flavors for your personal touch. Let your creativity go wild!

Serving and Pairing

Ah, now for the fun part – serving your delicious chocolate-coconut iced coffee! I like to pour this drink into a tall glass with a few ice cubes and a cute straw. And, of course, the perfect pairing for this drink is anything coconut or chocolate flavored. Try a coconut macaron or a piece of dark chocolate on the side. Trust me, it’s worth it!

This beverage makes the perfect mid-day pick-me-up or post-dinner treat. It can also be great alongside breakfast or brunch! Whatever the occasion may be, this sweet and caffeinated drink is sure to impress.

For an extra-special presentation, sprinkle some toasted coconut flakes on top for added texture and an extra boost of flavor. The possibilities are endless when it comes to serving and pairing this yummy drink, so get creative with it!

And if you’re feeling really adventurous, try adding some coconut caramel frappe or mocha macchiato to the mix – the combination is seriously heavenly.

So go ahead and indulge in a cup of this rich, creamy and decadent iced coffee. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself any time of day!

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

Alright, listen close. This recipe has some perks when it comes to make-ahead and storing. First, let’s talk about how to prepare it in advance.

If you’re planning on making this drink ahead of time, I suggest brewing the coffee and letting it chill in the fridge until you’re ready to use it. You can also prep the chocolate-coconut mixture ahead of time and refrigerate or freeze it for later use. However, if you’re going to use coconut cream or milk, I’d recommend adding it shortly before serving.

Now let’s talk storage. If you happen to have some leftover chocolate-coconut iced coffee, consider keeping it chilled in the fridge for up to a couple of days. But hey, remember to store in an air-tight container too! It’s essential to keep the flavors intact and prevent any unwanted odors from penetrating.

And lastly, reheating. I would not advise reheating already-prepared iced coffee because it can tamper with the flavor profile and ultimately ruin your drink’s taste. Instead, try making a fresh batch next time you’re craving a chocolate-coconut iced coffee!

That’s all on make-ahead, storing and reheating! Stay tidy in your storage techniques, and maybe make an extra batch for later use just in case. Cheers!

Tips for Perfect Results

As a barista, I know the importance of getting that perfect cup of coffee. With this Chocolate-Coconut Iced Coffee recipe, there are a few tips I’d like to share with you to ensure you get the best results possible.

First off, be sure to use quality ingredients. This includes using freshly brewed coffee or cold brew, high-quality dark chocolate, pure cocoa powder, and pure vanilla extract. These ingredients will ensure that your drink has a rich and indulgent taste.

When it comes to coconut milk and cream, make sure to use the full-fat versions for a creamier texture. Also, when using coconut milk in your recipe, be aware that it has a tendency to curdle at high temperatures. To prevent this, heat the milk separately from the coffee and add it in slowly to avoid curdling.

For an extra decadent touch, add some shredded toasted coconut on top of your drink for both texture and flavor. Additionally, if you prefer a sweeter drink but don’t want to use sugar or artificial sweetener, try using chocolate syrup instead.

If you want to take this recipe a step further, experiment with different variations such as adding caramel or peppermint syrup for different flavor profiles. Adding whipped cream also enhances the drink’s presentation and overall “wow” factor.

Finally, make sure to serve the drink up immediately after blending it. It is best when served chilled and enjoyed right away.

With these tips in mind, you will be able to create a perfect Chocolate-Coconut Iced Coffee every time!


As a barista, I have received numerous questions about this recipe. I understand that sometimes components of a recipe may be unfamiliar or seem intimidating. But fret not, my dear reader! In this section, I will provide answers to some commonly asked questions about the Chocolate-Coconut Iced Coffee Recipe. So, let’s dive in and clear up any confusion you may have!

Does coconut milk curdle in iced coffee?

If you’re using coconut milk as a dairy alternative in your coffee, you may be wondering if it curdles. It turns out that if you add cold coconut milk to hot coffee, it has the potential to curdle. To avoid this, it is recommended to warm your coconut milk beforehand. However, an easier and more reliable solution could be to opt for oat milk instead, which is less likely to curdle.

Can I put cocoa powder in my iced coffee?

Iced mochas can be whipped up in no time with just a few ingredients you might already have on hand. With milk, cocoa powder, sugar, cold coffee, and whipping cream (optional), you can create a delicious beverage reminiscent of those served at your favorite coffeehouse. So, let’s get started on making this refreshing treat that’s perfect for those warm summer days!

Can I use canned coconut milk in coffee?

Looking to spice up your morning coffee? Switch things up by substituting traditional dairy milk with fresh or canned coconut milk. If you opt for fresh coconut milk, it’s as easy as adding a splash from a specialty grocery store. On the other hand, canned coconut milk requires following the instructions on the can, just as you would with regular milk.

Does coconut cream work in coffee?

Looking for a dairy-free alternative to coffee creamer? Give coconut milk a try! With its creamy texture and delicious taste, coconut milk makes a great addition to your morning cup of coffee. As a barista, I love using coconut milk as a base for coffee creamer – it adds a touch of sweetness and creaminess without any dairy. So, if you’re looking to mix up your morning routine and try something new, consider giving coconut milk a go!

Bottom Line

So, there you have it, the recipe for a delicious and irresistible chocolate-coconut iced coffee that you won’t find better in any coffee shop or restaurant. With simple ingredients that anyone can find, you can make this beverage easily and quickly in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re a coffee lover, this recipe is a must-try! Not only will it satisfy your caffeine craving, but the combination of chocolate and coconut will also delight your taste buds in a way that you never thought possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to your kitchen, gather the ingredients and start making this heavenly drink right now. Trust me; it’s worth the effort! Whether you’re hosting a brunch with friends or just indulging in some quality me-time – this recipe won’t disappoint.

Let’s ditch those overpriced coffee shops and make our own delicious drinks with healthier ingredients at home! And don’t forget to share your success with us in the comments section below.

Chocolate-Coconut Iced Coffee Recipe

A ridiculously quick & simple refreshing iced coffee drink that is super low in calories.

  • 4 teaspoons instant coffee
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze (or skim or soy milk)
  • 2 tablespoons sugar-free syrup, of chocolate variety
  • 2 teaspoons sugar-free coconut syrup
  • 1 packet non-nutritive artificial sweetener
  • ice

Optional toppings

  • fat-free whipped topping, drizzle of light chocolate sauce
  1. Combine instant coffee granules with water in a tall glass and stir until dissolved.
  2. Add the Almond Breeze (or low-fat milk of your choice), syrups and sweetener and stir.
  3. Add ice cubes and if desired top it off with whipped cream and a little chocolate sauce!
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