Warm Up Your Day with a Sweet Cinnamon Latte

Do you ever find yourself craving the warmth and comfort of a delicious latte on a chilly day, but don’t want to spend the time or money at a coffee shop? Well, look no further than this mouth-watering cinnamon latte recipe!

As a barista who has spent countless hours perfecting the art of crafting the perfect latte, I can assure you that this recipe is one that is sure to satisfy your every craving. With just a handful of simple ingredients and a little bit of patience, you can whip up a deliciously sweet and spiced drink in the comfort of your own home.

Not only will this recipe save you time and money by eliminating your need to stop by your local coffee shop, but it also allows you to customize your drink exactly to your liking. Whether you prefer a stronger espresso flavor, lighter milk, or an extra sprinkle of cinnamon on top, this recipe is completely adaptable to fit your unique taste preferences.

So why not treat yourself to a cozy night in with this indulgent cinnamon latte? Trust me, once you take that first sip of velvety milk sweetened with homemade cinnamon dolce syrup and perfectly brewed espresso, you’ll never want to turn back.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Cinnamon Latte
Cinnamon Latte

Listen up coffee lovers, because you’re going to want to hear about this cinnamon latte recipe. I guarantee that this drink will change your morning routine – it’s sweet, it’s indulgent, and it’s just the right amount of spicy to give you that extra pep in your step.

But why should you try this recipe? Well, first of all, it’s incredibly easy to make at home. Forget standing in long lines at coffee shops or shelling out big bucks every morning – with just a few simple ingredients, you can whip up a delicious and comforting cinnamon latte right in your own kitchen.

Not only is it convenient and cost-effective, but the flavor is absolutely unbeatable. The cinnamon dolce syrup adds just the right amount of sweetness without being overwhelming, while the espresso provides that perfect jolt of caffeine to start your day off on the right foot. And don’t forget about the whipped cream – it takes this latte to the next level for an added indulgence.

One of my favorite things about this recipe is that it’s easily customizable. If you prefer a stronger coffee flavor, simply add an extra shot of espresso. Feeling particularly indulgent? Sprinkle some brown sugar on top for an added sweetness boost.

And let’s not forget about the health benefits – using 1% low-fat milk keeps this latte lighter and healthier than many other coffee drinks. Plus, cinnamon has been shown to have numerous health benefits like reducing inflammation and improving blood sugar levels.

So what are you waiting for? This cinnamon latte recipe is sure to become a staple in your morning routine – it’s easy to make, absolutely delicious, and good for you too!

Ingredient List

 A latte so fancy, it'll make you feel like royalty.
A latte so fancy, it’ll make you feel like royalty.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make a cinnamon latte that rivals any Starbucks cinnamon dolce latte:

Coffee and Milk

  • 2 shots of espresso or 2 teaspoons of instant espresso mixed with ½ cup of hot water
  • 1 cup of 1% low-fat milk, steamed and frothed

Sweeteners and Flavorings

  • 1 tablespoon of brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of cinnamon syrup
  • Ground cinnamon for sprinkling on the top
  • ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract

Whipped Cream Topping

  • Whipped cream (optional)

All these ingredients can be easily found at your local grocery store or coffee shop. Some ingredients can also be substituted with homemade alternatives or adjusted based on personal preferences. Let’s move to the recipe how-to section and get started with brewing a perfect cinnamon latte.

The Recipe How-To

 When cinnamon spice meets espresso, magic happens.
When cinnamon spice meets espresso, magic happens.

Now, the fun part! Let me guide you through the step-by-step process of making this Cinnamon Latte Recipe that will surely capture your heart in every sip.


  • 1 cup of 1% low-fat milk
  • 2 shots of espresso (or 2 teaspoons of instant espresso)
  • 2 tablespoons of homemade cinnamon dolce syrup
  • Whipped cream (optional)
  • Ground cinnamon (for sprinkling on top)


  1. First, brew your espresso using your favorite coffee maker. You can also use an instant espresso if you don’t have a coffee maker.
  2. In a microwave-safe mug, add ½ cup of milk then microwave for about 1 minute until hot and frothy.
  3. Combine the espresso and cinnamon syrup in another mug then stir well.
  4. Add the steamed and frothed milk into the same mug then stir everything together.
  5. To finish, sprinkle some ground cinnamon on top and add whipped cream if desired.

There you have it! Your very own Cinnamon Latte Drink made with love and care.

Substitutions and Variations

 Sipping on a cinnamon latte is like getting a warm hug from the inside.
Sipping on a cinnamon latte is like getting a warm hug from the inside.

Hey there, pumpkin! Are you looking to spice up your typical cinnamon latte? Then listen carefully because I have some scrumptious substitutions and variations for you!

First of all, if you are watching your calories, try swapping 1% low-fat milk for regular milk, as it has less fat and fewer calories. You can even try almond or oat milk if you prefer a dairy-free option.

If you want a twist on the classic cinnamon dolce syrup, try using homemade cinnamon syrup instead! All you need to do is combine brown sugar, water, and ground cinnamon in a saucepan over medium heat until the sugar dissolves. Then let it simmer for about 10 minutes until it thickens like syrup. It’s easy peasy and oh so rich and flavorful!

For a vanilla cinnamon latte, add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the mix. And if you’re feeling extra fancy, sprinkle some ground cinnamon on top in addition to or instead of whipped cream.

If you want a caffeine-free option or just feel like indulging in some honey cinnamon goodness, swap espresso for a strong coffee, such as Javy coffee, and add honey to the mix. Trust me on this one; it will send your taste buds straight to heaven!

And last but not least, if you want to add some spunk to your latte life, try making a cinnamon spiced latte! Simply steep two cinnamon sticks in steamed milk for five minutes before adding espresso and your sweet cinnamon syrup. Stir well and enjoy the cozy spices that will fill your senses.

Have fun experimenting with these substitutions and variations! Remember that there are no rules when it comes to lattes – only endless possibilities for deliciousness.

Serving and Pairing

The cinnamon latte is a drink that is perfect for any time of the day. It makes for an ideal pick-me-up when you are feeling tired or sluggish, and it can also be enjoyed as an after-dinner treat with dessert.

To enjoy this drink to its fullest, I recommend serving it hot and fresh out of the coffee maker. For an extra touch of indulgence, add a dollop of whipped cream on top and sprinkle some cinnamon powder over it for added flavor.

This delicious latte pairs perfectly with a variety of baked goodies such as muffins, donuts or croissants. You can also pair it with your favorite fruit tart or chocolate chip cookie for an even more indulgent experience.

Looking for a non-sweet food pairing? The cinnamon latte goes well with omelets, scrambled eggs and breakfast sandwiches due to the perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness.

It will also complement the flavors of savory snacks like loaded potato skins, spicy wings, or quesadillas perfectly. The combination might surprise you but the sweet yet roasted flavor balances well with spicy food making it a great pairing for friends and family gatherings.

Whether you’re sitting down to enjoy this indulgent drink alone or sharing it with friends and family over a meal, the cinnamon latte is sure to exceed your taste buds’ expectations in every way possible.

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

Now that you have made a delicious cinnamon latte, what should you do with the leftovers or when you are short on time? Fear not, as this recipe can easily be adapted for make-ahead, storing and reheating.

If you have any leftover cinnamon syrup, it can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to two weeks. You can also freeze the syrup for up to three months.

For the latte itself, it is best to be consumed fresh to fully enjoy its rich flavor and aroma. However, if you wish to make it ahead of time, brew the espresso and prepare the cinnamon syrup separately. Store them individually in the fridge and reheat before combining them together. Microwave the milk until hot before frothing it with a milk frother or whisk.

If you made extra cinnamon syrup, it makes for a great addition to other coffee drinks, pancakes or waffles. It can also be used to flavor whipped cream, oatmeal or yogurt.

To reheat your cinnamon latte or leftover syrup, simply place it in a microwave-safe glass or cup and heat it up for about 30 seconds on high. Stir well before consuming.

Lastly, if you’re looking to spice things up a bit more you can add other flavors such as honey or vanilla extract to enhance richness in taste As always, experiment with different variations and find what suits your taste buds best!

Tips for Perfect Results

Brewing the perfect cup of cinnamon latte is an art, and it takes time to master. Here are a few tips I’ve learned as a barista that can help you create a delicious and satisfying beverage every time.

Firstly, to ensure the best flavor and texture in your latte, use freshly ground coffee beans and high-quality cinnamon dolce syrup. These ingredients will enhance the flavor of your latte, making it rich and aromatic.

Secondly, take care with milk temperature. If you want to add frothed milk to your cinnamon latte, make sure you don’t overheat your milk beyond 155°F (68°C), or you’ll scorch the milk and ruin the texture.

Thirdly, if you want to add whipped cream to your cinnamon latte, make it at home instead of using pre-made topping. Homemade whipped cream tastes better, and it is fresh without artificial preservatives.

Fourthly, pay attention to the espresso shots. The coffee is the foundation of your latte drink, so be sure to have a strong espresso base. Start by pulling two shots of espresso for each drink made.

Fifthly, dust some extra cinnamon powder on top of the whipped cream as another layer of flavor in every sip. Sprinkle ground cinnamon on top of your drink with a fine-meshed sifter or sprinkle it from above carefully with a spoon to avoid congesting one area.

Sixthly, try honey cinnamon variation by adding a tablespoon of honey to your drink to make it more nutritious and healthy. Honey has antioxidants that are beneficial for our health while providing sweetness without overpowering the flavors.

Lastly, keep experimenting with different variations and combinations that work best for you until you find the one that suits your taste buds perfectly.

By following these tips and tricks for creating a striking cinnamon latte recipe that is both delicious and beautiful aesthetically , you’ll be able to enjoy a cuppa joe with intense flavors that truly hit close to home.


Now that we have gone through the key aspects of the recipe, it’s common to wonder about some of the questions that may arise while preparing your own version of this cinnamon latte. Let us take you through a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and help you clear any doubts around this delicious and comforting drink.

Can I put cinnamon in my latte?

One simple way to add a touch of sweetness to your coffee is by incorporating cinnamon into your brew. By including just a teaspoon or two of this aromatic spice, or even a cinnamon stick, you can significantly enhance the flavor of your coffee without the need for sugary additives or calorie-laden sweeteners.

How do you add cinnamon to coffee?

To make a delicious and unique cup of coffee, try adding cinnamon to your coffee grounds before brewing. Simply fill your coffee filter with your preferred grounds and then generously sprinkle cinnamon on top. This allows the cinnamon to infuse with the coffee as it brews. The result is a warm and flavorful beverage with no clumpy residue or sludge that can occur when adding cinnamon directly to hot liquid. So give it a try and enjoy a satisfying cup of cinnamon coffee.

What is cinnamon dolce latte made of?

If you’re a fan of cinnamon with a sweet tooth for coffee, the cinnamon dolce latte might be the perfect drink for you. This beverage is a combination of espresso, milk, and a deliciously sweet cinnamon syrup. The secret ingredient to this syrup is a simple mixture of water, brown sugar, white sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Don’t worry, making the syrup is a breeze and only takes a few minutes!

How to get cinnamon dolce latte?

To make a delicious Cinnamon Dolce latte, the first step is to pour a generous tablespoon of the Dolce Cinnamon syrup into your glass. Next, stir in a shot of hot espresso until the syrup dissolves completely, giving it an enticing aroma.

Once the syrup and espresso have melded together, carefully add in hot milk. For best results, make sure the milk and espresso are the same temperature, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. Use a spoon to pour the frothy foam on top, which provides a luxurious texture and a pretty aesthetic.

To add an extra indulgence to your drink, top it off with a dollop of whipped cream. This step is optional but is a popular choice for those who enjoy an extra treat.

Remember, the key to a great latte is attention to detail, so take your time and enjoy the process!

Bottom Line

: Now that you know how easy it is to make a delicious Cinnamon Latte, it’s time to try it yourself! With just a few simple ingredients and some kitchen tools, you can create a café-quality latte in the comfort of your own home. Treat yourself to a warm, sweet and spicy cup of goodness today. Trust me, once you try this Cinnamon Latte recipe, you’ll never want to go back to boring old coffee again. So dust off your coffee maker, grab some milk and cinnamon syrup and get ready to make your taste buds dance with joy!

Cinnamon Latte Recipe

These have become a Sunday morning favourite for us. Heavenly coffee to warm your tummy! The original recipe calls for ground cinnamon, but it also works very well if you put a couple whole cinnamon sticks or pieces of cinnamon bark in the cold milk. It will infuse the milk as it comes to a boil.

  • 400 ml strong coffee
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 1/4 liters 1% low-fat milk
  1. In a large pan, mix the cinnamon and sugar with a bit of milk.
  2. Add the rest of the milk and bring to a boil.
  3. Just as the mixture comes to a boil, take it off the heat.
  4. Split your hot coffee between 4 mugs.
  5. Pour in the milk and serve immediately.
  6. Another variation is to leave out the ground cinnamon, but instead put a large cinnamon stick, some cloves and green cardamom pods in the milk. Leave as it comes to a boil, set aside and let it infuse for a couple minutes. Then strain out the seasonings and pour into the coffee.
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