Upgrade Your Morning with Peanut Butter Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover who also enjoys the taste of peanut butter, then this recipe is perfect for you. Introducing the peanut butter coffee recipe, a unique and delicious beverage that combines the nutty flavor of creamy peanut butter with the bitterness of brewed coffee.

This drink is perfect for those who want to take their daily cup of Joe to the next level with a rich, indulgent flavor. Not only does it taste great, but it’s also incredibly easy and quick to prepare, making it perfect for busy mornings or lazy afternoons.

Whether you prefer your coffee hot or iced, this recipe can be customized to suit your preferences. It’s an excellent alternative to regular coffee drinks and adds a unique twist to your typical cup of coffee.

So if you’re tired of the same old boring coffee drinks and want to try something new and exciting, give this recipe a try. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Peanut Butter Coffee
Peanut Butter Coffee

Are you a coffee enthusiast at heart who finds joy in experimenting with different flavors? Then you’ll definitely fall in love with this Peanut Butter Coffee recipe. This recipe is not just your regular cup of Joe but an exciting twist on the classic brewed coffee – a marriage between creamy peanut butter and hot or cold coffee.

For peanut butter lovers out there, this recipe is a no-brainer, as it provides the perfect opportunity to incorporate the flavor into your daily routine. With just 3 simple ingredients – brewed coffee, creamy peanut butter, and milk of your choice – You can enjoy an amazing cup of coffee that’s healthy and delicious all at once.

But Wait, Why Stop There?

Apart from being healthy and delicious, this recipe is versatile enough to cater to different palates as well. You can indulge in this beverage hot or cold – either way, the taste will be equally satisfying. The cold variation could act as an iced coffee smoothie or a protein shake by simply adding ice cream or protein powders respectively.

Moreover, the vast array of variations that could be made from this base recipe gives room for personalization too! Caramel lovers can add some caramel syrup to their cup while chocolate enthusiasts can mix in some melted chocolate chips for that extraordinary chocolate peanut butter fusion. It’s possible to get as creative as you want and personalize it according to your preference!

In other words, the Peanut Butter Coffee recipe is not just another typical coffee drink; it’s a gateway to infinite possibilities where flavor combinations are concerned. This recipe has something for everyone regardless of your tastebuds or dietary restrictions making it an unforgettable experience each time you make it.

Convinced yet? Try the Peanut Butter Coffee now and let your taste buds be amazed!

Ingredient List

 Start your day with a jolt of flavor!
Start your day with a jolt of flavor!

Get Ready to Make Some Amazing Peanut Butter Coffee
Ingredients 1 – For the Peanut Butter Coffee Basics:

  • Brewed coffee (1 cup)
  • Peanut butter (1 tablespoon)
  • Butter (1 tablespoon)

Ingredients 2 – To Add Some Variations:

  • Milk (your choice) (½ cup)
  • Creamy Peanut butter (1 tablespoon)
  • Chocolate syrup (1 tablespoon)
  • Coconut oil (to add some creaminess to the coffee)

Ingredients 3 – For a Creamy and Delicious Iced Coffee:

  • Brewed coffee (2 cups, cold)
  • Milk (peanut butter milk or oat milk) (2 cups, cold)
  • Smooth peanut butter (2 tablespoons)
  • Chocolate peanut butter syrup (1-2 tablespoons, depending on your liking)

Whether you want to enjoy a hot, rich and creamy or an iced, refreshing coffee drink, these ingredients will definitely help you achieve that. Just mix up your preferred variations of ingredients and make your yummy peanut butter coffee!

The Recipe How-To

Let’s get to the heart of this recipe — the how-to! Here is a step-by-step explanation for making peanut butter coffee that will make your taste buds go wild:

Equipment You Will Need:

  • Coffee brewing equipment
  • Blender


  • 1 cup brewed coffee
  • 1 tablespoon creamy peanut butter
  • ½ cup milk of your choice
  • 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup (optional but adding this adds an extra kick of flavor)
  • A few ice cubes (optional)


  1. First make coffee using your preferred method.
  2. In a glass or small pitcher, mix together peanut butter and milk until the peanut butter dissolves.
  3. Blend the coffee, peanut butter mixture, and chocolate syrup in a blender until smooth. If you prefer an extra cold drink, add a few ice cubes.
  4. Pour and serve!

Note: If you want to turn this recipe into an iced coffee or smoothie, simply substitute the hot coffee with cold brew or use chilled coffee as a base in the blending process. Also, feel free to experiment with different types of milk, such as oat milk or almond milk, for a dairy-free option.

Now that you have mastered the art of making the perfect peanut butter coffee, you can start making different variations and put your own spin on this classic recipe. Enjoy!

Substitutions and Variations

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to mix things up, there are plenty of substitutions and variations you can make to this peanut butter coffee recipe.

Firstly, you can swap out the peanut butter for an alternative butter such as almond butter, cashew butter or sunflower seed butter. These variations will alter the flavor profile of the drink and offer a different nutty taste. You could even try using a chocolate-infused peanut butter or hazelnut spread as an added twist.

For those who are not a fan of coffee or prefer a caffeine-free option, you can also use hot chocolate or chai tea instead of coffee. The resulting beverage would still have the nutty flavor from the peanut butter and the richness from the chocolate or spices.

If you’re looking for a colder option, turn this recipe into an iced coffee or smoothie by adding ice cubes or blending it with ice cream. The creamy texture of ice-cream perfectly complements the nuttiness of peanut butter in this recipe, making it an indulgent treat that can be enjoyed throughout summer.

There are also many ways to add additional flavors to your Peanut Butter Coffee Recipe. Add a drizzle of maple syrup for a sweet touch or some coconut oil for added health benefits like skin care and weight loss management. You could also try adding some cinnamon, vanilla essence or nutmeg for a warm spice kick.

In summary, there are endless possibilities when it comes to variations and substitutions with this recipe, so feel free to experiment and create your own version that caters to your preferred taste profile.

Serving and Pairing

Now that you have made yourself a delicious peanut butter coffee, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect way to serve and pair it. This recipe can be enjoyed any time of the day and is highly versatile when it comes to serving options.

One option is to enjoy it straight up, hot or cold, giving you a creamy and nutty beverage that’s perfect for morning energy or an afternoon pick-me-up. It’s also fantastic as an accompaniment to breakfast foods such as waffles, pancakes, or even oatmeal.

To take your peanut butter coffee to the next level, we recommend adding a drizzle of chocolate syrup or whipped cream on top. This adds a touch of sweetness that can elevate the flavors of the peanut butter and chocolate in the recipe.

For those who prefer iced coffee, our recipe is easily adaptable with a few additions such as some ice cubes and coconut milk. It’ll be a refreshing beverage that can satisfy your cravings for something cool and energizing.

Suppose you’re looking for something more indulgent than just a cup of peanut butter coffee; you might want to try pairing it with some treats like cookies, cakes, or muffins. The smooth peanut butter flavor complements sweet delicacies perfectly.

Last but not least, if you want to step up your game, take out your cocktail shaker and combine some vodka, coffee liqueur, and milk with our peanut butter coffee recipe to make an adult version of this tasty beverage.

In conclusion, this recipe allows you to experiment and create variations entirely according to your preferences. It’s a recipe designed for versatility, so feel free to mix it up however you like!

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

If you want to enjoy your Peanut Butter Coffee Recipe later, you can prepare and make the coffee ahead of time. This recipe is perfect for making a big batch in advance and storing it in the refrigerator for future use. You can also freeze the coffee if you plan to store it for an extended period.

When reheating the coffee, you have a few options. If you prefer hot coffee, then heat it up on the stove or microwave, but do not boil it again. For iced coffee, just pour it over ice or blend it with ice for an iced coffee smoothie.

The milk and peanut butter mixture can also be made in advance and stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to four days. When serving, mix the peanut butter milk mixture with freshly brewed coffee or cold brew.

When preparing to store your Peanut Butter Coffee Recipe, keep in mind that the oils from the peanut butter can separate from the rest of the ingredients over time. Shake or stir well before serving to ensure that all flavors are evenly mixed together.

By making ahead and storing the Peanut Butter Coffee Recipe correctly, you can quickly whip up your favorite coffee drink recipes anytime you crave a taste of creamy peanut butter and chocolate syrup blended perfectly with a richly brewed coffee.

Tips for Perfect Results

Brewing a perfect cup of Peanut Butter Coffee is not only about following the correct measurement and steps provided in the recipe, but also mastering some techniques to make sure your coffee turned out to be perfect.

Here are a few tips that can help you elevate your Peanut Butter Coffee experience:

1. Use good quality ingredients: The key to a delicious Peanut Butter Coffee is starting with high-quality ingredients. Invest in the best quality coffee beans, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, and milk that you can afford for the richest and most flavorful results.

2. Properly measure out ingredients: Be precise when measuring the ingredients to ensure a consistent Peanut Butter Coffee taste every time you make it.

3. Use brewed coffee instead of instant coffee granules: While using instant coffee granules might be convenient, it will not give you the same rich aroma, flavor, and body as brewed coffee would.

4. Brew your coffee fresh: Start with freshly brewed hot or cold coffee instead of reheating old or stale brews. Freshly brewed coffee tastes the best.

5. Mix using a blender: Blend together all of the ingredients- milk, peanut butter, chocolate syrup until smooth to avoid separation once cooled.

6. Add sugar as needed: While most store-bought peanut butter already contains sugar, it may not be sweet enough for some people’s taste buds so sweeten it up with maple syrup or honey if needed.

7. Experiment with variations: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavors and substitutes such as almond milk or coconut oil which would add an extra twist to your favorite cup of Joe.

By following these simple tips and techniques, you can brew yourself the best Peanut Butter Coffee that’ll awaken your taste buds from their slumber!


As with any recipe, there may be questions and concerns that arise. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Peanut Butter Coffee Recipe. These answers will help you troubleshoot any issues and give you a better understanding of the recipe. So, let’s dive into the most common inquiries people have about making this rich and creamy cup of coffee.

Can you mix peanut butter in coffee?

If you’re a coffee enthusiast looking for a unique twist to your usual brew, consider adding some peanut butter and coconut oil for a nutty and creamy flavor. These ingredients also offer some health benefits, making this drink a delicious and guilt-free treat.

Is peanut coffee healthy?

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to traditional coffee, you might want to consider trying out peanut coffee. Crafted from pure peanuts, this beverage is completely free of caffeine and acid, making it a great choice for individuals who are sensitive to these elements, such as those with acid reflux. Give it a go today and discover a new way to energize your mornings!

Can you mix PB2 with coffee?

To whip up a refreshing and protein-packed drink, grab your blender and let’s get mixing! First, grab some PB2, protein powder and milk. Toss them all into your blender and give it a few pulses until you have a nice and smooth consistency. If you don’t have a blender handy, no need to worry. Just place these ingredients in a container with a secure lid and shake it up until everything is well mixed. Once your mixture is ready, pour it over a glass of ice-cold coffee or cold brew. Sit back, take a sip and enjoy the delicious and nutritious flavor of your new favorite drink!

What is in bullet coffee?

One tasty and nutritious drink that’s gaining popularity these days is bulletproof coffee. Its main ingredients are top-quality coffee beans, unsalted butter, and a type of fat called medium chain triglycerides (MCT), which can be found in coconut oil. This rich concoction is blended to perfection and served warm, giving you the sensation of sipping a creamy latte.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Peanut Butter Coffee Recipe is an absolute game-changer for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting with new ingredients and flavors. If you’re someone who is adventurous and loves to explore new coffee blends, then this recipe is perfect for you. Moreover, this recipe adds a nutty flavor profile that appeals to those who have a sweet tooth.

This recipe article has given detailed instructions, tips, and variations that you can use to make various types of coffee drinks ranging from dalgona coffee to cold brew. Whether you’re someone who prefers a protein shake or a latte or simply wants to make coffee ice cream, this recipe will not disappoint.

So, grab your ingredients and head to your kitchen to become the ultimate barista. Satisfy your caffeine cravings by trying out this mouth-watering Peanut Butter Coffee Recipe. Trust me; once you taste it, you’ll fall in love with it!

Peanut Butter Coffee Recipe

This is from a cookbook called Caramel Knowledge by Al Sicherman that belonged to my husband before we were married. This looks interesting!

  • 6 cups brewed coffee
  • 1 tablespoon peanut butter
  1. Put the peanut butter and a cup or two of the coffee in a blender.
  2. Whomp until it’s well-blended, then stir back into the rest of the coffee.
< 15 Mins, Beverages, Easy, Low Cholesterol, Low Protein, Very Low Carbs

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