Southern Cornbread Dressing: A Family Tradition

Picture it: The perfect Thanksgiving dinner spread, complete with a perfectly-cooked turkey centerpiece, all the fixings, and of course, the star of the show – the dressing. Whether you call it stuffing or dressing, this side dish is a must-have for any holiday meal. And if you want to take your holiday meal game to the next level, then Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing is the way to go.

As a barista who’s cooked up more than my fair share of recipes during my free time, I can tell you firsthand that Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing is an absolute game-changer. This Southern-style recipe is a beloved cafeteria classic and for good reason: it’s creamy, flavorful, and oh-so-tender. With this recipe in your arsenal, you’ll be able to impress your family and loved ones at Thanksgiving dinner with no trouble at all.

The best part? This recipe is easy to make with ingredients that are easily available from your local grocery store. With just a little bit of effort and patience, you’ll end up with a delicious dressing in no time.

Trust me, once you’ve savored Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing stuffing recipe, there’s no going back to anything else for your Thanksgiving dinner. So let’s take a closer look at how to make this fantastic dish.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Luby's Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing
Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing

Listen up, folks! You’re going to absolutely adore this recipe for Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

Firstly, this recipe is easy to make and absolutely delicious. The combination of cornbread and white bread torn into savory 1-inch pieces will make your taste buds dance with joy. The cornbread crumbled into the mix adds a sweet depth of traditional southern flavor that goes with any entree — from turkey to fried steak to jalapeno cornbread.

Secondly, nothing beats the creamy dressing that comes from combining the breads and chicken broth mix. It’s moist and flavorful thanks to the addition of celery, onion, and butter cooked just right. It’s one of those recipes that makes an ordinary meal extraordinary.

Lastly, it’s versatile! This recipe is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner as well as Sunday supper or any day when you want to whip up something quick and easy with the ingredients in your pantry.

So what are you waiting for? Give this recipe a try and experience the irresistible goodness of Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing for yourself!

Ingredient List

 Golden cornbread crumbles nestled among savory spoonfuls of seasoned dressing.
Golden cornbread crumbles nestled among savory spoonfuls of seasoned dressing.

Get Ready To Cook This Delicious Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing Recipe!

Before starting with the recipe, here is a list of ingredients that you will need to make your own cafeteria-style cornbread dressing or stuffing.

  • 4 cups of day-old cornbread crumbled (made from your favorite recipe)
  • 4 cups of white bread, torn into 1 inch pieces (use day-old or stale bread for best results)
  • 2 1/4 cups of chicken broth
  • 1 stick of butter
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 2 stalks of celery, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon of pepper
  • 1 tablespoon of seasoning salt
  • 1 tablespoon of rubbed sage

Optional Ingredients:
– Southern-style cornbread. You can use this instead of traditional cornbread.
– Jalapeno cornbread. Adds some heat and a kick to your dressing/stuffing.
– Cheddar cornbread.

Let’s get started!

The Recipe How-To

 Thanksgiving just wouldn't be the same without this classic Luby's Cafeteria staple.
Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without this classic Luby’s Cafeteria staple.

Now that you have gathered all the ingredients, it’s time to prepare the Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing. In a large bowl, combine 4 cups of crumbled cornbread made from your favorite recipe, 2 1/4 cups of torn white bread (1-inch pieces and use day-old stale bread), 2 cups of chicken broth, 1/2 teaspoon of pepper, 1 teaspoon of seasoning salt and 1 tablespoon of rubbed sage.

Step 1: Cook the Onion and Celery

Heat some butter in a pan over medium heat. Add the chopped onion and celery and cook until they soften. Set aside.

Step 2: Mix the Ingredients

Pour the onion-butter mixture into the bowl with other ingredients. Mix well and let stand for at least 15 minutes so that the flavors can meld together.

Step 3: Preheat Oven to 375°F (190°C)

In the meantime, preheat your oven to 375°F (190°C).

Step 4: Bake the Dressing

Place dressing mix in a greased baking dish. Bake for 45 minutes or until crispy golden brown on top.

That’s it! The cornbread dressing is ready to be served alongside your Thanksgiving turkey, Southern fried steak or any menu on Luby’s menu.

Substitutions and Variations

 The perfect side dish to complement your holiday turkey or ham.
The perfect side dish to complement your holiday turkey or ham.

Just like any other recipe, there are endless possibilities of substitutions and variations you can try. Here are some ideas to help you create your own unique twist to the classic Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing Recipe.

If you want to add more heat to the dressing or stuffing, consider adding a pinch of pepper to the seasoning. You can also use jalapeno cornbread instead of regular cornbread for an extra kick.

For those who prefer a milder flavor, reduce the amount of seasoning salt and rubbed sage. You can also swap the onion and celery for shallots or leeks for a more delicate taste.

Instead of using chicken broth in the recipe, try using vegetable broth or beef broth for a different taste profile. You may also add crumbled bacon, sausage or ham to the mix for additional savory flavors.

For a creamier texture, melt some butter in a pan and add 1 cup of heavy cream. Pour this mixture over your dressing or stuffing. Remember not to add too much liquid as it could make the dish mushy.

If you have leftover turkey from Thanksgiving dinner, shred it and include in this recipe. It makes for a great way to repurpose leftovers and make them taste fresh again.

When it comes to bread, use what you have on hand. If you don’t have cornbread, use jiffy cornbread or southern cornbread instead. You can also combine different types of bread such as white bread, rye bread or sourdough bread for a unique variation.

Remember that substitutions and variations should be based on your preferences and what ingredients are available to you. Be creative and experiment with different flavors until you find the perfect combination that suits your taste buds!

Serving and Pairing

 A heavenly blend of comforting flavors and textures.
A heavenly blend of comforting flavors and textures.

When it comes to serving and pairing this Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing Recipe, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from. This classic Southern comfort food is a staple around Thanksgiving dinner tables, but it’s also a great side dish for any occasion when you want to add that nostalgic touch to your menu.

To keep things simple and straightforward, you can serve the cornbread dressing as a standalone dish or pair it up with some tasty proteins like roasted chicken, baked ham, smoked turkey, or even fried steak. The creamy dressing with just the right amount of seasoning and spices gives it a savory flavor that will balance out nicely with any meat.

Another great option is to explore some Tex-Mex flavors by pairing this recipe with a side of refried beans, salsa, and jalapeno cornbread. This combination will make your taste buds dance and bring an exciting twist to your meal.

For those who prefer a vegetarian option or want to add more vegetables to their diet, consider serving the cornbread dressing alongside some roasted Brussels sprouts, green beans, or a refreshing salad. These sides will give you a healthy balance against the richness of the dressing.

No matter what you choose to pair it with, this Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing Recipe is sure to delight every guest at your table. Its hearty flavor and southern charm will leave everyone asking for seconds.

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

 Don't forget the cranberry sauce! You'll definitely want to enjoy these two together.
Don’t forget the cranberry sauce! You’ll definitely want to enjoy these two together.

Now, let’s talk about the make-ahead, storing and reheating tips for this delicious Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing Recipe.

If you are planning to make it ahead of time, make sure to prepare the recipe as directed and let it cool completely. Then, cover it tightly with aluminum foil or plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator until ready to use. You can make it up to 2 days ahead of time.

When it’s time to reheat your cornbread dressing or stuffing recipe, simply preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and bake uncovered for about 30-35 minutes or until heated through. You can also reheat individual portions in the microwave for about 1 minute.

If you have leftovers, store them in airtight containers in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. When reheating leftover dressing, add a splash of chicken broth or water to keep it moist and fluffy.

There are many ways you can repurpose leftover cornbread dressing or stuffing recipe. You can use it as a filling for sandwiches, top it with gravy and serve it with fried chicken, or even turn them into patties and fry them like croquettes! With this recipe, there are endless possibilities.

Overall, following these make-ahead, storing and reheating tips will ensure that your Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing Recipe tastes just as delicious as when you first made it.

Tips for Perfect Results

 One bite and you'll be transported back to grandma's kitchen.
One bite and you’ll be transported back to grandma’s kitchen.

If you want your Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing to be a hit at your Thanksgiving dinner, these tips will help ensure perfect results.

Tip 1: Use Day-Old Stale Bread

The recipe calls for both day-old stale bread and crumbled cornbread. Using stale bread will help the bread to absorb the liquid ingredients more effectively and result in a better texture.

Tip 2: Don’t Overmix the Ingredients

When combining the bread and the broth mix, it is important not to overmix. The mixture should be well combined but still have some texture, so your dressing or stuffing has some body.

Tip 3: Let the Recipe Stand Before Cooking

After combining all ingredients, it is important to let them stand for 15 minutes before cooking. This allows the bread to absorb all of the flavors and seasonings.

Tip 4: Experiment with Flavors

If you want to add more flavor to your dressing or stuffing, try adding jalapeno cornbread or cheddar cornbread. You can also spice it up with additional black pepper or seasoning salt.

Tip 5: Serve with Gravy

Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing is best served with gravy. You can make your own using pan drippings from the turkey or use pre-made canned gravy.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing turns out perfectly every time.


As I wrap up this recipe guide, I want to address some of the frequently asked questions about Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing Recipe. I understand that cooking can be a bit intimidating, and it’s okay to ask questions to ensure that your dish turns out as perfectly as possible. So, let’s dive into some of the common queries around this dish.

What’s the difference between cornbread dressing and stuffing?

When it comes to Thanksgiving side dishes, there is often confusion between stuffing and dressing. It is important to note that stuffing is cooked inside the bird, while dressing is cooked outside in a casserole dish. In some regions, particularly in the American South, dressing consists of cornbread instead of traditional white bread or baguette. Keep this difference in mind when preparing your Thanksgiving meal.

How do you keep cornbread dressing from getting gummy?

For those who want to steer clear of a chewy consistency when making cornbread dressing, it’s worth considering ways to decrease the amount of liquid in the recipe, extend the baking time of the bread, or ensure the ingredients are mixed well.

What is the difference between Thanksgiving dressing and stuffing?

As per Delish, dressing and stuffing are categorically different, where dressing is cooked outside of a turkey, while stuffing is usually cooked inside the bird. Although, the terminology may vary from region to region as some areas refer to the dish as “stuffing” even if it’s prepared independently of the turkey. As of November 22, 2022.

How do you make Paula Deen’s cornbread dressing?

This recipe for cornbread involves a few key ingredients, including seven slices of oven-dried white bread, one sleeve of saltine crackers, eight tablespoons of butter, two cups of chopped celery, one large chopped onion, seven cups of chicken stock, and one teaspoon of salt. By combining these ingredients in a certain way, we can create a delicious and savory cornbread that’s perfect for any meal!

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to make the delicious Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing Recipe, it’s time to put your culinary skills to the test. This recipe is perfect for any occasion, but it’s especially amazing for the Thanksgiving dinner table.

With simple ingredients like cornbread, chicken broth, onions, celery, and spices like rubbed sage and seasoning salt, you can make a flavorful and creamy dressing that will leave your family and guests begging for seconds. Plus, with the variations and substitutions we’ve outlined in this article, you can customize this recipe to your liking.

So why not give this recipe a try and see just how amazing cafeteria-style cornbread dressing can be? With step-by-step instructions and tips for perfect results, you’ll be a pro in no time.

And if you’re still not convinced, just think about all the memories made around a Thanksgiving dinner table with homemade cornbread dressing. It’s more than just food – it’s an experience that brings friends and family together.

In conclusion, trust us when we say that this Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing Recipe is one of the best recipes out there. Go ahead, give it a shot! We’re confident that once you taste it, it will become an essential dish on your menu – whether it’s a traditional gathering around a Thanksgiving dinner or any other special occasion.

Luby’s Cafeteria Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing Recipe

Cafeteria fans will enjoy this delicious side dish any time of year.

  • 4 cups cornbread, crumbled (made from your favorite recipe)
  • 2 1/4 cups white bread, torn into 1 inch pieces (use day old or stale bread)
  • 2 1/2 cups chicken broth
  • 1 1/2 cups celery, minced
  • 3/4 cup onion, finely minced
  • 1/4 cup butter, melted
  • 3 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 2 teaspoons rubbed sage
  • 3/4 teaspoon seasoning salt
  • 3/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 3 extra large eggs
  1. In large bowl, combine breads and broth; mix well and let stand for 15 minutes.
  2. Preheat oven to 375°F and lightly spray or grease a 2-quart casserole dish.
  3. Add celery, onion, butter, oil, sage, seasoned salt, and pepper to bread mixture. Toss lightly to coat evenly.
  4. In small bowl, beat eggs until foamy.
  5. Fold into bread mixture.
  6. Transfer to prepared casserole dish.
  7. Bake 50 to 65 minutes or until top is golden brown.
Side Dish
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